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IG Officials Sweat Plasma In Court Over Lack Of Evidence Against Byenkya, Case Adjourned To March 18

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By Our Reporter

The Anti-corruption court on Tuesday given last chance to Inspectorate of Government (IG) to complete their investigations and avail incremenating evidence against Uganda Land Commission (ULC) Chairperson Beatrice Byenkya Nyakaisiki. While adjourning the matter to March 18, 2022, Court ordered IG that it shall not entertain any other adjournment on basis of the collection of evidence. Court also said on that day the hearing will be fixed and thereafter they’ll start hearing the case.

Prosecution side requested for more time arguing that they were still investigating. However, Byenkya’s lawyers objected that the prosecution should have first done the investigations before taking any other course of action. “My lord, what they’re doing now is what they should have done before bringing our client here. This is totally contrary to known legal procedure my worship,” Byenkya’s lead counsel Tibaijuka Ateenyi submitted.

According to sources, Byenkya is in direct battle with Inspector General of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya who has since been exposed for allegedly using her office to fight personal wars.

Byenkya’s trouble started wayback when she blocked UGX12b supplementary budget the then line minister Kamya had asked parliament to approve behind Byenkya’s back.

Kamya claimed the money was meant to compensate land owners in Lusanje and Ndeeba Church land owner Mr. Dodovico.

However, by law it’s Chairperson ULC mandated to generate such a list of claimants and then present to her boss, the line minister or even present it together since she knows these claimants more than the minister.

Byenkya later found out that actually Kamya wasn’t working alone in the multibillion deal but rather with ULC senior commissioners in her own office and when she blocked the payment, hell broke loose in her own commission and ever since then she has not had peace with Kamya who is now allegedly using her IGG office to witch haunt her.

Meanwhile at the event of commissioning road projects in the oil-rich Bunyoro Sub-region held last week in Hoima, President Museveni was briefed about a section of these ruthless mafias badly fighting Byenkya who is praised by a couple of Ugandans as a committed civil servant who is allergic to corruption.

The revelation of how these mafias are using their offices to fight Byenkya was unearthed by no nonsense Rt Hon Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja who told President face to face thus; ‘‘Your Excellency, here in Bunyoro they know Beatrice Byenkya as a committed civil servant, she has nothing to do with corruption, they say she is not a thief,” she added. ”There are some people taking us backwards…busy fighting her. Remember i had already informed you about these via a petition i wrote to you sir, therefore it’s my humble request that you intervene, thanks,” Nabbanja told the president.

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