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Mr. Mosh Condemns The “Kitalya Torture” & “Illegal Detention”

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After being released from Kitalya jail, where he had been held for illegal demonstrations, mr. Mosh Ssendi denounces torture and illegal confinement.

Mr. Mosh, along with other Lord Councilors, was detained a few weeks ago for conducting a strike in support of vendors who were being ordered to quit the city center.

The former Spark TV host was released after nearly two weeks in prison, much to the delight of his family, friends, and fans.

Mosh took to social media shortly after his release, decrying the brutality that takes place in the prison where he was held.

Mr. Mosh said in an interview with NLP on Thursday that they were forced to strip naked and frog leap while in prison.

We were told to strip naked and frog jump while in Kitalya prison. They did it to those who are attempting to save the country from all that corruption, rather than to murderers and thieves who are taking billions of dollars from taxpayers.

Kitalya prison was built to punish Ugandans, to humiliate them, and to make them despised their homeland.

He claimed they were held illegally for twelve days and that the persons who sent them to prison should be the ones behind bars.

“We were held illegally for nearly a month.” Mr. Mosh said, “The guys that sent us to prison are supposed to be in prison.”

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