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EC To Stop NUP From Red Color, As UPC Petition

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Kampala: After a petition filed by UPC President Jimmy Akena last week complaining about the continued use of red colour by the NUP and the the people power pressure group, the Electoral Commission (EC) has professedly ban the National Unity Platform (NUP) from using the red colour as their coloure since its the official colour of UPC.
According to our sources revealed that the EC boss Justice Byabakama has directed for the protection of the red colour which initially belonged to the UPC party.
In the petition of the UPC party boss, said that the NUP is confusing the UPC supporters since they all have red as their official colour. He also tasked the EC to take an immidiate response towords this confusing situation inorder to save the UPC party.

According to registration details at the EC, NUP was given the dark blue color and the commission has advised MP Kyagulanyi to immediately start popularizing the dark blue and white colors for the NUP party.

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