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President Museveni want to quarantine all his presidential opponents – Says Besigye

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President Museveni want to quarantine all his presidential opponents Says Besigye

Kampala: Following the order of President Yoweri Musevni to the ministry of health to test all Political aspirants, for COVID-19 before engaging in any form of political campaigns, the former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has punched holes in Museveni’s directive claiming that it might have a hidden political agenda to put all his opponents in quarantine.
In a tweet posted by the retired Besigye,“Why should “Sole Candidate” Museveni order his (MOH) officials to test all his political opponents? What’s the scientific justification- to protect the “candidates” or the people? This is why PRIVATE facilities are vital in Uganda’s political COVID-19 control,” Besigye tweeted. He added that testing is a trap to keep away the regime opponents from the population.“Soon, opponents of NRM/M7 Junta will be on their way to #COVID19 “institutional quarantine” for indefinite stay!” Besigye said in a tweet.
In the tweet, by the National Resistance Movement (NRM), party chairman asked that all candidates are tested before they interact with voters and making any form of campaigns so as to avoid the spread of the deadly corona virus.
 The president ordered the Minister of Health to write to every political party so that they can be invited for mandatory testing for Corona virus before they go to the public.
The NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba said while appearing on a talk show on Salt TV on Saturday “We are waiting for the minister to write to all political parties over the same,”. She added that the order followed recent developments that saw two staff at the ruling NRM secretariat test positive of the virus, prompting several others to be quarantined.
“Every registered party and all the people that have come out to contest under that party will have to be tested before they interact with voters. The Ministry of Health is working hand in hand with the Electoral Commission to ensure those in elective politics and are interacting with the population are educated on what to do but also testing after every two weeks,” she said.

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