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UPDF Mourns The Untimely Passing Of Major General Asiimwe, Leaving An Irreplaceable Void

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Lugazi, Uganda – Major General Dennis Asiimwe, the revered commandant of Uganda Military Engineering College (UMEC), has sadly passed away, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional leadership and dedication to the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF). The announcement of Maj. Gen. Asiimwe’s demise was made by Defence Deputy Spokesperson Col. Deo Akiiki on Saturday, December 24, 2023.

In a statement, Col. Akiiki expressed the deep condolences of the UPDF family and the nation, stating, “Generals never die but they fade away. Rest in Peace General.” The cause of Maj. Gen. Asiimwe’s death has not been disclosed at this time, and the army has not released details regarding his burial program.

Maj. Gen. Asiimwe, who was promoted to the rank of Major General by President Yoweri Museveni on June 15, 2021, was two ranks away from the esteemed rank of General at the time of his passing. His significant contributions to the UPDF were particularly evident during his tenure as the commandant of UMEC.

Under Maj. Gen. Asiimwe’s leadership, UMEC experienced remarkable growth and development, establishing itself as a center of excellence for military education and training. He played a pivotal role in shaping the institution, showcasing profound knowledge of military strategy, engineering, and leadership.

The late Major General’s influence extended beyond the college, as he actively participated in numerous national and international missions and operations. His dedication to safeguarding Uganda’s sovereignty earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and superiors.

UMEC, commissioned by Gen. Museveni on January 29, 2009, in Magamaga, Mayuge District, aimed to develop engineering, technology, and scientific capabilities within the UPDF. The college relocated to Lugazi cantonment in October 2010, sharing the premises with UPDF Engineers Brigade, School of Communication and Information Technology (SOCIT), and the School of Information Tech and Office Management (SITOM).

As news of Maj. Gen. Asiimwe’s passing spread, tributes poured in on various platforms. Robert Kabayi remembered him as “a genuine lover of people, most especially the less privileged,” while Aden Wasajja expressed sadness and condolences to the Asiimwe family. Slim Kabeja and Rose Kyotungire Taremwa also shared their sentiments, highlighting Maj. Gen. Asiimwe’s humility, intelligence, and dedication to service.

The nation mourns the loss of a distinguished military leader, and the UPDF community reflects on the indelible mark left by Major General Dennis Asiimwe on the Uganda Military Engineering College and the armed forces as a whole. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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