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Big Question: Who Poisoned Jacob Oulanya

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Mr Nathan Okori, Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s father, has stated that his son died of “poisoned” causes rather than natural causes, but has also stated that the death should not be politicized.
“I recognize that everyone who has come here is in mourning. Mr Okori addressed a small group of mourners at their ancestral home in Omoro District that “his (Oulanyah’s) death is not easy news to embrace since I know he did not die of natural causes; he was poisoned.”

According to Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Information Minister and government spokesperson in Kampala, said last night: “Ignore that information [poisoning charges].” The administration will issue a comment after the post-mortem report is revealed.”

President Museveni announced yesterday that Oulanyah, a two-term deputy speaker, had died in Seattle, Washington, but did not say when he died or what caused his death, two sensitive matters that have sparked significant conjecture in the previous week.

“I don’t want anyone bringing their politics here,” Mr Okori stated in Omoro yesterday.
“I’m certain he was poisoned, and whatever someone says tomorrow shouldn’t skew the knowledge we have today.”
He didn’t explain who or why his son’s death might have been arranged.

Mr Okori claimed that Oulanyah revealed the reason of his ailment, which had abruptly manifested publicly after he became Speaker last May and before he traveled for specialized medical treatment.

“He  called and promised me certain things, and I know exactly what he said,” he continued.
This magazine was unable to independently verify the accusations, and there has been a months-long information blackout over the health of the 11th Parliament’s short-lived Speaker.
When Oulanyah went abroad for treatment last year, he was rumored to be dead, but he returned upset and chastised people who gloated over false claims of his death, pushing them to submit to compassion.

“What is wrong with us?” he wondered, pointing to a growing number of incidents in which strangers proclaim particularly unfit public people dead before their time.

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