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Zari Hassan Unconcerned About The Backlash Over Her Bikini Photos

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Zari Hassan Unconcerned About The Backlash Over Her Bikini Photos 48

The centered S. Africa Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite and businesswoman, has revealed why she isn’t afraid to post bikini photos on the internet.

The mother of five stated that those who disagree with her should mind their own business because we live in a free and open world.

zari hassan
Zari Hassan Unconcerned About The Backlash Over Her Bikini Photos 49

She went on to say that no one should expect her to go to a swimming pool while dressed in long robes.

Zari also maintained her position, emphasizing that those who do not want to see her bikini photos should block her or find another way to avoid her content.

I don’t see why I shouldn’t post my bikini photos on social media because I go to a swimming pool and don’t expect me to deck out in shirts while there. This is the twenty-first century.

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