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Vaccination Is Still Crucial For School Reopening – Minister Muyingo

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The minister of state for Education and Sports (Higher Education), Dr John Chyrsostom Muyingo, has stated that Uganda’s total reopening of schools is still based on Covid-19 immunization rates. Although President Museveni declared last month that the economy will reopen in January 2022 with or without vaccination, the Education Ministry argues that the vaccine response will determine the reopening in order to minimize school closures when schools reopen.

Muyingo, who verified that schools will resume on January 10, 2022, stressed that immunization is a critical component that schools must mobilize for.

The government established a goal of vaccinating at least 550,000 teachers and support personnel, 3,348,500 persons aged 50 and up, and 31,000 learners aged 18 and up. However, in order to reopen the schools, the administration has set a goal of vaccinating 4.5 million people.

Vaccination of teachers, non-teaching personnel, students aged 18 and above, and elderly people over 50 years is still valid, according to Muyingo.

He also brought up other concerns, such as following up with instructors and providing emotional support to help them recover from the Covid-19 lockdown effects. He also mentions the need for a welcoming environment for both students and teachers when they return.

Meanwhile, Muyingo has issued a warning to several private educational institutions that have already established reopening dates before the official school calendar has been released. According to Muyingo, schools should adhere to and implement the official calendar, which will be announced by the Ministry of Education soon.

Instead than waiting for the official school academic calendar, several private schools have created their own, with reopening dates beginning January 3, 2022.

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