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Stop Attacking Kenzo – Singer Eddy Yawe

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Singer Eddy Yawe has advised Ugandans to stop attacking Eddy Kenzo because he didn’t do anything wrong.
He added that there is no reason for Ugandans to attack Singer Kenzo on the ongoing social media war between Kenzo and Bobi wine. Yawe also said there is no reason for Ugandans killing Eddy Kenzo’s brand because he has done a lot for Uganda and he deserves respect.
He also added on that both Bobi wine and Eddy Kenzo are big brands in Uganda that need each other.
This comes shotely after singer Kenzo has come out to request Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to control his supporters who keep on abusing him.
While addressing the media yesterday in Kampala, Kenzo said it’s very unfortunate to see Kyagulanyi’s supporters jumping on anyone who seems to have divergent views.
“I ask Bobi Wine to control his supporters because that is not how things work. Let his supporters be different from other people. I will be very glad if his supporters start to respect the views of other people,”he said

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