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Miss Uganda To Miss Participating at Miss World Over Lack Of Visa

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Miss Uganda Elizabeth Bagaya

Miss Uganda ought to leave out out on performing at Miss World over lack of visa
Miss Uganda Elizabeth Bagaya is on the brink of missing out on representing Uganda at the 2021 Miss World splendor competition as she lacks a visa to journey to Puerto Rico.

Miss Elizabeth Bagaya determined herself inside the mix of occasions following the not on time preparations by way of the Miss Uganda team to relaxed her a USA tour visa in time.

Ms. Brenda Nanyonjo, the Miss World Uganda CEO explained that they implemented for the visa sometime back however the appointment they got from the American embassy scheduled them for a date in 2022.

Ms. Nanyonjo in addition explained that it became out that way due to the backlog at the embassy which dates from 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic which led to the halting of flights across the world.

In efforts to to alternate the date given to them, they decided to do a marketing campaign throughout all their social media pages calling for help from the involved events. They request for a closer date earlier than the end of this month.

Ms. Nanyonjo is high-quality that the date might be modified and Miss Bagaya will travel and represent Uganda at this 12 months’s Miss World competition because the world expects to see what Uganda gives following Quiin Abenakyo’s brilliant overall performance in 2019.

Miss Bagaya attained the Miss Uganda crown in a boardroom assembly due to the fact she turned into the first runner-up in the 2019/20 beauty pageant.

When Covid-19 struck earlier than keeping the 2020/21 splendor festival, she turned into given the possibility to carry on with the responsibilities of the office of Miss Uganda efficaciously because Miss. Oliver Nakakande is busy pursuing her studies, making it difficult for her to juggle each responsibilities.

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