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Former Kampala Deputy RCC Herbert Burora Arrested, Detained At Kira Division Police Over Attacking Speaker Anita Among

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Former Kampala Capital City Deputy RCC and activist Herbert Anderson Burora has been arrested and detained at Kira Division Police.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, stated that Burora was detained at Kira Division yesterday for “safe custody.”

Activists from Agora Discourse have suggested that a case of cyber harassment against the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, is likely to be placed on Burora.

“For someone facing allegations of cyber harassment and without prior summons, Police actions of going to his house in the dead of the night without an arrest warrant were uncalled for and illegal! Police need to stop acting like criminals! Lest they create the impression of being in cahoots with them,” said activist Godwin Toko.

Burora was suspended on March 14 by the Secretary to the Office of the President, Hajji Yunusu Kakande, for violating Uganda Public Service Standing Orders by publicly attacking the Speaker of Parliament.

On Monday night, through his X platform, Burora said, “My home has been besieged by unknown men who claim that I should go with them.”

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