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Historic Move: President Museveni Greenlights Hajjat Namyalo’s Voter Protection Plan With Immediate Effect, Silencing Critics

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Hajjat Hadijah Uzieye Namyalo aka chief Muzukulu today met president Museveni in Nakasero state house and got new instructions from him.

Lately there have been alot of allegations and blackmail on different platforms which have been trying very hard to put the ONC down.
These allegations all targetted on the downfall of Namyalo who has been on top of the mobilisation game.

It’s alleged that all forces were fighting hard to hijack the main role of this office which was voters protection.
Voters protection is an activity which has been done in this office since it was set up, in this activity this office picks four people per village who works as agents of the president and the key mobilizers who works with the NRM mainstream.

Today the president okayed all Namyalo’s. ONC programs following the previous meeting where the Bazukulu coordinators met the president and gave them new guidelines and instructions and also assured them that Hajjat Hadijah is their boss until 2026 and beyond.

During this meeting, president appreciated the ONC office for doing a great job.

The president emphasized the ONC coordinators to stay focused as they have to prepare the local people to embrace government programs like PDM, EMYOOGA and other programs.The president furthermore assigned the ONC coordinators to continue with the good role of exposing corruption and assigned anti corruption agencies to work hand in hand with the ONC team because it has done a tremendous job to ensure effective service delivery.

The national chairman also told the coordinators that they should not be intemidated by any person or entity which is dormant but rather stay focused on their roles and continue doing their good job.

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