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Hajjat Namyalo Rallies Bazzukulu To Come In Large Numbers For Entebbe Empowerment Drive, Bashes Social Media Rumors Of Iran Scholarships

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The Special Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, also PA Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC) in Kyambogo, has urged Bazzukulu to gather in large numbers for the now-popular empowerment drive to Entebbe and the larger Wakiso area.

The announcement was made during a press briefing on Tuesday June 25, 2024 at the ONC offices in Kyambogo.

Addressing journalists, Hajjat Namyalo highlighted that the campaign is President Museveni’s initiative to empower his Bazzukulu at the grassroots level, addressing the delays and bureaucracy in existing government programs such as Emyooga and the Parish Development Model (PDM).

“The government programs are there and we follow them, although most of them are burdened with a lot of bureaucracy. We came up with this concept to ensure that those who might not want to wait for the one million shillings can at least get equipment starting from as low as Shs50,000 to begin their ventures,” she said, receiving enthusiastic support from the Bazzukulu present.

Hajjat Namyalo also recalled a similar initiative from 2015, led by Gen Salim Saleh, which provided welding machines, automobile toolboxes, and other equipment until it was disrupted by corruption. Upon taking office as the Political Head at Kyambogo, she revived the campaign to rejuvenate support for the NRM across the country.

Namyalo assured the Wakiso Bazzukulu that on June 27, 2024, a significant distribution of wealth-creation items worth millions will be handed out to organized youth and women groups. She urged the community to mobilize in large numbers and attend the event.

“This initiative aims to equip his Bazzukulu (youth) with startup capital tools such as part of broader strategies to combat poverty. Every Ugandan is by default a Museveni muzzukulu. So we shall be empowering NUP, NRM, PLU, FDC and any on else who will come. This is about getting out of poverty not politics. This is not my money, it’s for Museveni and other big hearted stakeholders who give our economic campaigns back up so come and tap into this economic boost brought by ONC,” added Namyalo.

She said among the tools that will be donated include fishing gears since Entebbe is a fishing community, salon equipment, welding machines, g.nut crashing machines, sawing machines, chapat making machines, chips frying machines, agriculture inputs among others.

During the event, Namyalo also addressed social media rumors about her being summoned to record a statement at CPS Kampala over allegations of trafficking.

She clarified that the office had advertised scholarships to Iran, with 95 students applying. On February 3, 2024, 69 students who met the criteria traveled to Iran for studies.

“Ofcourse I have been seeing all that trash of people talking carelessly about this matter of Iran, the truth is no one paid me a single coin. If there is any student saying paid ONC to get the scholarship or paid me as a person let that person go to police with proof they come and arrest me,” Namyalo noted.

Hadijah emphasized that the process was managed partly by some of her staff and Ms. Nankinga Easter, who works closely with the Iranian Embassy.

“The scholarship issue was coordinated by a one Esther Nankinga. When they brought these students to me, among the things i cautioned them was not to pay any single coin to any person. So if anyone paid money to anyone, they should go demand it from whoever they gave it to, or go to police and report them.” 

She condemned any form of corruption and asserted that if any fraud occurred, the responsible individuals should be held accountable, not the institution.

In her concluding remarks, Namyalo called for unity among stakeholders to achieve the common goal of #TovaKuMain2026, which aims to ensure President Museveni’s return to the ballot in 2026 and secure a decisive victory.

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