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SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Donates Empowerment Tools In Acholi, Endorses President Museveni’s 2026 Bid

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By Gad Masereka

The Office of the National Chairman led by SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has this Thursday made a bold statement in Acholi region as she donated out hundreds of empowerment tools to Bazzukulu in Lamwo district.

The event, which attracted thousands of Bazzukulu took place at Padibe boy primary school playground, in Padibe Town Council.

Among the empowerment tools donated out to the organized groups included brick laying machines, Hoes, oxen ploughs, sprayers, carpentry tools, charcoal stoves, salon dryers, shaving machines, welding machines, tailoring machines, hand dryers, frying pans, mechanic tool box among others.

While addressing the crowd at Padibe ground, Dr. Okulu Anthony, the Member of Parliament for Padibe Constituency, thanked the office of the National Chairman for empowering the youth and women.

He welcomed Hajjat Namyalo to Lamwo district, also known as the Yellow District. He also lamented the poor state of roads in Lamwo and called upon the government to tarmac the road from Kitgum to Lamwo and even other roads.

He added that Lamwo district will remain yellow no matter what. He said that the problem in Uganda is low income generating issues and commended the ONC boss for championing empowerment for the youth and women.

The Woman Member of Parliament for Lamwo district Hon. Achora Nancy Odonga thanked Chief Muzzukulu for thinking about Lamwo. “I take this time to thank Hajjat Namyalo for putting Lamwo at heart and coming to empower the youth and women,” she said.

Achora called upon ONC to not stop at this mega empowerment event but to return in the near future. She urged all beneficiaries to utilize the tools effectively to combat poverty in their homes.

She also noted that the people of Lamwo are firmly behind President Museveni for the 2026 elections and expressed confidence that 99% would vote for him.

“President Museveni must appear on the ballot in 2026. We shall make sure that he appears on the ballot. Even if he says no, we say yes for him,” she asserted.

The Acholi leaders also called on ONC to consider building an NRM office in Lamwo district for better services to the people.

On another note, Mr. Oyet Sisto Oven, the LC 5 Chairperson of Lamwo District, thanked Hajjat Namyalo for supporting the youths. However, he expressed concerns that ONC empowering the poor might cause divisions within the NRM in Lamwo.

Taking the podium, Hajjat Namyalo addressed the concerns raised by some political leaders, especially the LC 5 Chairperson, about disunity.

“We have not come here for politics but to empower the poor people like you. ONC is not here to fight any MP or leader. If the LC 5 says that our presence here will cause conflicts and divisions in the party, then I do not understand him. Do you want your people to remain poor?” she questioned.

Namyalo also shared a report from youths in Gulu City who informed her that a government official had stolen a government car and was using it for personal benefits instead of serving the people of Gulu.

Namyalo promised to conduct further investigations into these pressing matters. She emphasized her commitment to serving President Museveni and poor Ugandans.

While still addressing the people of Lamwo, district LC 3 Councilors reported to Namyalo that they had not received their salaries for three years. In response, Namyalo promised to follow up on this matter and, if possible, prepare a brief report to forward to the President.

She urged all beneficiaries to use the empowerment tools wisely to overcome poverty and also creating jobs for others.


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