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Ssekikubo Vows To Proceed With Censure Motion Against Embattled Commissioners

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By Hason Mutunzi Bwambale

Kampala, Uganda – Theodore Ssekikubo, the Lwemiyaga County MP, has announced that his team will submit a notice to the Speaker of Parliament next week, seeking to censure the four commissioners implicated in the Shs1.7 billion service award scandal.

Addressing journalists at Parliament, Ssekikubo expressed urgency in resolving the matter, citing widespread exhaustion among Ugandans over corruption in Parliament. He appealed to the Speaker to expedite the process, bypassing the customary 14-day wait.

“We request the Speaker not to wait for the 14 days. Our patience is running out. This is too much; we want to finish this matter immediately. The fight against corruption must be seen by the public, not dilly-dallying,” Ssekikubo emphasized.

The censure motion targets commissioners Prossy Mbabazi, Esther Afoyochan, Solomon Silwany, and former Leader of the Opposition Mathias Mpuuga. Ssekikubo’s team aims to hold them accountable for the controversial service award.

In a veiled jab at Government Chief Whip Hamson Obua, Ssekikubo mocked Obua’s initial attempts to block NRM MPs from signing the censure motion. He noted that President Museveni’s recent distancing from the commissioners’ defense has rendered Obua’s efforts futile.

Ssekikubo also noted that although the “Censure Team” had anticipated ending the signature collection exercise today as earlier promised, the exercise is still ongoing to allow the Secretariat to sum up figures. Later in the day, Ugandans will be informed which MPs have appended their signatures to the motion.

“So we hope that by next week, we shall have lodged all the necessary documentation and the process now would commence, but from this side, we hope the figures are good, we are doing well and as you can see, members are very strong. Yes, there might be some few MPs here and there, but those minute numbers shouldn’t tarnish the image of Parliament. This is the time for Parliament to clean itself, to reinvent itself and stand firm in the fight against corruption,” noted Ssekikubo.

As the censure motion gains momentum, the fate of the embattled commissioners hangs in the balance. Ssekikubo’s determination to push forward signals a crucial test for Parliament’s commitment to tackling corruption.

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