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Magistrate Shot During Court Session After Refusing To Grant Bond To Police Officer’s Wife

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On June 13,  2024, a shocking incident unfolded at the Makadara Law Courts in Nairobi, where a court session turned deadly  Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti was shot and severely injured by a police officer while presiding over cases.

The officer, who later died from return fire by courtroom security, reportedly shot the magistrate after she refused to grant bond to his wife.

The tragic event began when the officer, identified as a senior  member of the police force from Kisumu County, attended the court session where his wife was being tried.  His wife had been seeking bond to be released during her trial. When Magistrate Kivuti denied this request, the officer, in a sudden outburst of anger, pulled out his firearm and shot her.

The courtroom, typically a place of order and justice, was thrown into chaos. Witnesses described scenes of panic as security personnel swiftly responded to the threat.

They opened fire on the officer, killing him on the spot to prevent further harm. Magistrate Kivuti, who sustained life-threatening injuries, was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

Her current condition remains critical, but medical professionals are working diligently to stabilize her.

Another individual in the courtroom, a civilian, was also injured during the altercation and required medical attention. Their injuries, while not specified, added to the gravity of the situation.

Following the shooting, the Makadara Law Courts were closed off to the public as investigators from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) and other law enforcement agencies secured the scene.

The police aimed to collect evidence and understand the full circumstances leading to the shooting.

Initial investigations suggest that the officer’s extreme reaction was directly related to his frustration over the denial of bond for his wife

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