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7 Dead, Several Injured In Fresh Kasese Landslides

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By Mukidi Hannington

Over 7 people have been confirmed dead in the recent landslides that struck Kasese and Bunyangabu districts after heavy rainfall in the region.

Speaking to The New Light Paper, Katalikahwa James Muthulhanda, chairperson LC3 Bughoye sub county, described the harrowing scenes in Mapatha village, Katoke Parish, where landslides claimed the lives of three family members:Bwambale Edison, his wife, and their child.

Muthulhanda emphasized the extensive devastation wrought upon food and banana plantations, as well as homes belonging to numerous families in the area.

Muthulhanda urgently appealed for assistance, urging governmental and non-governmental organizations to mobilize resources promptly to aid the affected people.

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7 Dead, Several Injured In Fresh Kasese Landslides 51

Tragically, the calamity transcended district borders, as confirmed by Bright, Chairperson LC 3 Katebwa Subcounty, in Bunyangabu district.

Bright revealed that four family members perished in landslides that struck Katebwa subcounty around 5:00 PM.

Among the deceased included Kabugho Harriet aged 25, Biira Evelyn aged 37, Musoki Praise aged 11 , and Mumbere Junior aged 4, whose bodies are currently at Katebwa subcounty headquarters awaiting burial arrangements.


Additionally, seven individuals sustained injuries, with three in critical condition receiving treatment at Buhinga National Referral Hospital.


Bwambale Modest, mayor of Kyanya Ibanda Town Council in Kasese district, also recounted the horror that unfolded around 4:00 PM yesterday when landslides struck, leaving four individuals injured in his area.

Among the injured included Nexson Walemba, along with his wife and his child, who are currently undergoing treatment for severe injuries at Kyanya SDA Health Center.

According to Modest, the landslides didn’t spare animals, valuable banana plantations, homes including the house of Baluku Dink.

He also advocated for the relocation of people living in hilly areas to safer locales and emphasized the importance of reforestation efforts to mitigate future landslide risks.

Early on 03 May 2023 the Uganda Red Cross Society reported at least 6 people died after heavy rain triggered landslides in Kisoro District in Western Uganda Region. Five members of the same family died when a landslide struck their home in Biizi village in Murora Sub-County. Another person died in a separate incident in Gihuyaga village, also in Murora Sub-County. One person was injured and taken to hospital.

Original report, 01 May 2023:

Heavy rain had triggered flooding and landslides in 3 districts of Uganda since 24 April 2023. Homes have been destroyed and at least 6 people have died, with 3 others reported missing.

Landslide in Kasese District Uganda April 2023 Uganda Red Cross Society
Landslide in Kasese District, Uganda, April 2023 – Uganda Red Cross Society

Uganda Red Cross and local media reported heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Kasese, Mbale and Rukungiri districts.

On 24 April one person died and 3 were reported missing after flooding from the overflowing Muhokya River in Muhokya Sub-county in Kasese District. The Kyanzutsu and Nyamwamba rivers also broke their banks around this time, damaging homes in Mahango and Kyanjuki.

Uganda Red Cross reported 1 person died and 2 were injured after a landslide in Bughendero in Buhurira Sub-county in Kasese District on 01 May 2023. A home was severely damaged or destroyed and 7 family members were displaced.

In Mbale District, one person died and several homes were damaged after floods in Bushikori parish on 26 April 2023. The Uganda Red Cross were to carry out further damage assessments.

In Rukungiri District, 3 people died after flooding from the Rushaya River in Bwambara Sub-county on 29 April, according to local media reports. Around 7 others were also swept away by the floods but managed to survive

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