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UBOS Urges Catholic Community To Massively Participate In 2024 Census

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, Uganda – May 2, 2024

In a move aimed sensitize and ensure widespread participation in the upcoming National Population and Housing Census 2024, a delegation from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) paid a courtesy visit to the Archbishop of Kampala, His Grace Paul Ssemogerere. Led by Albert Byamugisha, Chairman of the board of directors of UBOS, the delegation emphasized the importance of the Catholic community’s involvement in this crucial national endeavor.

During the meeting, Byamugisha highlighted the significance of accurate census data for planning purposes, both for the government and religious institutions like the Catholic Church. He emphasized that the census would provide essential information on population demographics, socioeconomic characteristics, and household services, aiding in effective planning and resource allocation.


“We need this information for your attractions, please bless So, the census staff,” Byamugisha expressed, stressing the need for the Catholic community’s cooperation in providing accurate information during the census.

In response, Archbishop Ssemogerere commended UBOS for their initiative and stressed the importance of the census not only for Uganda but also for the global community. “We need to know who we are, how many we are. This information is not just good for us as a country but for the entire world,” he remarked.


The Archbishop encouraged the Catholic community to embrace the census and urged census officials to approach their work with friendliness and sensitivity. “I would do request that where those officials officers who are going to be the work to be friendly to the people so that it doesn’t come as As a mask as an appeal so that people can embrace it and appreciate it as and know that is good for them as well as as the countrymen and women,” he stated.

Expressing his gratitude to UBOS and the government of Uganda for facilitating the census, Archbishop Ssemogerere affirmed the Catholic Church’s support for the initiative. “As the Catholic Church, we want to play our support towards this course and to call upon the Catholic community, And all the faithful to prepare support and co-operate with all,” he emphasized.

This comes after UBOS dispatched first consignment of census materials last week to districts namely Gulu, Apac, Alebtong, Amulatar and Otuke.

The consignment was flagged off by Minister of State for Finance and Planning Amos Lugolobi in Kampala.

Uganda’s digital census will take place on May 10th and everyone has been encouraged to participate in census exercise for better planning purposes.

The 2024 census road map was launched by President Museveni on December 12, 2023, declaring May 09, 2024 census night and May 10th a public holiday.

Amos Lugolobi assured the nation that the programme in on course, urging Ugandans to remain at home for efficient counting since it has been declared public holiday.

“The procurement of the census materials has been concluded including tables. The tablets will also be utilzed by electoral commission during elections in the NIRA activities, and other government programmes,”

Lugolobi said that recruitment of census field staff and interviews at the lower levels have been concluded.

“Training of census staff has been undertaken both at national and regional levels. The training of numerators and their supervisors will commence on April 29, 2024. So, almost over 80% is done, just minor issues are left,”he stressed.

The Minister however called upon all leaders to mobilize their communities to support and participate in the census.

UBOS Executive Director, Dr. Chris Mukiza explained that each of their tables has one map of a given numeration area which will make the exercise more efficient and easier than before where work was manual.

“We are glad tables came in time. We have partnered with Airtel and MTN who provided us with lines with APN, and widened our bandwidth by 8 times. We have to make sure the tablets are on network to relay information on time.”Mukiza explained.

He noted that Kigezi sub-region and other districts like Bukomansimbi, Ssembabule, Butambala, Mpigi and Kalungu are also ready for dispatch.

Mukiza asked every Ugandan to encourage each other to embrace the census and participate while responding to all enumerators’ questions as truthful as they can.

UBOS coordinates the National Statistical System and provide quality demand driven statistics that supports policy, decision making, research and development initiatives.

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