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Personal Ordeal: The Night Seldom Happens to Me as I Survive Attack by Suspected Armed Robbers

But the situation got tense as the individuals intercepted us from the front, forcing us to make an abrupt stop



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#IvanKaahwaReports ; On Tuesday, April 30th, 2024, at about 5 am, just after Nakulabye Junction along Hoima Road, as I went to board a bus to travel to my destination, I was trailed by unknown individuals who thought I was unsuspecting presumably targeting what I was possessing.

Here’s how it started: I was carrying three bags with me, possibly attracting the attention of any bystander. From the Faras captain’s side mirror, just a few meters after the Nakulabye Junction, I noticed a bike following us from behind, riding at the same pace as us. As I thought through what decision to take, they had already reached out on the right side of our bike. They yelled and said, “Stop!” I suggested that we stop at Total Fuel station at the Junction of Club Ambiance while whispering to my captain not to stop.

But the situation got tense as the individuals intercepted us from the front, forcing us to make an abrupt stop. Fortunately, we halted under sufficient lighting near a building known as Dove, close to a church (this is what i recall after Relaxing). I was kind of panicking at the moment and could not even grasp the number plate. What I remember is that it had white number plates from the front and the back, while they parked approximately in the road while we were on the side.

The two unknown men were donned in a Military Cap Fatigue, head sock with Security Black Boots while wearing the Navy Blue long Jackets mostly worn by Police Officers especially during cold operations. I noticed a bulge under their Jackets by appearing as though they were carrying weapons, though i couldn’t confirm.

They succeeded from getting me off the Motorcycle with some kind of intimidation while I carried my three bags, one on the back where I kept my laptop, the other with Shoes in my left hand and the one with a Camera in my right hand. I rested the camera bag on the Faras Captain Motorcycle, facing the alleged security officers. At this point, they asked me where I was coming from and heading. I declined to tell them and instead asked who they were. They told me they are on patrol. I instead asked what shows they are security officers on patrol.

The moment got intense as they forcefully wanted to check my property. I pulled behind with my property. Meanwhile, the Faras Captain is still seated on a Boda. Since I knew how a security officer has to look like on patrol, I instead told them I won’t tell you who I am until you let me know who you are because I don’t know you.

They questioned me whether if I think they are thieves. I told them I just want to know who you are then I can tell you who I am.”Wama sebo, tuze bulungi era twagala kumanya ono alagawa, tukoze bubi,” (Translated as; Sir, we came with peace wanting to Know where you are headed, is it bad to inquire), they asked the Faras Captain who revealed where we were headed stating tugenda mu park (we are going to the park). I asked him (Faras Captain) to keep silent. At this point one guy reached out to my bag on the left hand to check it but pulled away. At this point, I had gained momentum after realizing I am surrounded by bad guys. The best thing to do was to tell them in Kiswahili Dialect, “Vitambulisho Vyenyu Viko Wapi?” (Where is your identification?) At this point, I realized they had chickened out with fear on their face as their target appeared no easy bait.

They informed me that if you have refused to be checked, let’s go to the Police. I was quick to tell them that it’s fine, let’s go as I raised my leg to sit on the Motorcycle, they said, wait, let’s call the police to come here, I told them it’s fine. While one was on the phone, I suspected he might have been calling his colleagues to round us up. Immediately, I reached out my phone and called one of the officers in the Uganda Police. Truth is I realized that I didn’t have airtime, but the beep had gone through. He immediately called me back, and I addressed him through the usual code, Afande.

He asked me a few details about the situation, and I responded while the bad guys were staring at my property and myself, but the way I had positioned myself was inconveniencing them to do any move.When I ended the call, the bad guys then told me they didn’t have airtime and proposed that we move to the Police. Old Kampala Police Station was just about a 1-minute ride from where I was intercepted. So these guys sat on their motorcycle, and I also sat on the one I was traveling on.

We reached the Junction of Old Kampala and Victorious Primary School. We took the left facing Gaddafi Mosque where I found two Police Officers wearing their uniforms on foot patrol. I asked the Faras Captain to stop and used the opportunity to inform them (police officers) of the guys who had intercepted us claiming to be on security patrol. Here is what they said: this is the time those guys steal people, and they were aiming to take your property. Meanwhile, the riders who were behind us took a different direction after noticing that we had stopped interacting with the police.

Thanks to the Uganda Police Force Officer whom I shall reveal at the right time for the quick gesture of calling back as early as the time I reached out. Personal experience by Ivan Kaahwa a Journalist in Uganda

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