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SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Donates Empowerment Tools in Bunyoro Region, Endorses President Museveni’s 2026 Bid

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By Gad Masereka

The Office of the National Chairman led by SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye Friday made a statement in Bunyoro Region as it donated out hundreds of empowerment tools to Jajja Museveni’s Bazzukulu and endorsed his return on the ballot come 2026.

The event, which attracted tens of thousands of Bazzukulu took place at Bweyale Church of Uganda Primary School Grounds, in Bweyale Town Council, Kiryandongo District.

Among the empowerment tools donated out to the organized groups included Hoes, sprayers, carpentry tools, popcorn machines, charcoal stoves, salon dryers, shaving machines, maize seeds, fertilizers, welding machines, tailoring machines, grinding machines, deep fryers and many others.

While addressing the Bazzukulu on the afternoon, Hajjat Namyalo highlighted the pressing need for better infrastructure, and urged citizens to “demand from their area leaders for improvements in roads, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. “It’s your constitutional rights to demand for good roads, good schools, health care facilities to live a better life.”

Additionally, the ONC Boss noted that the empowerment tools delivered were not for certain political party members but for the whole Ugandans irrespective of their political affiliations and ideologies.

“We have not come here for politics, we have come here for self empowerment and developing our livelihoods as Ugandans not as NRM”, she noted.

Ms Namyalo further pledged support for farmers and emphasized the importance of skill development among youth.

“We are here for the first time and it’s not the last, we shall come back and empower the farmers and the mothers to help them eradicate poverty,” Namyalo declared, stressing the need for empowerment programs to uplift the community.

At the same event, Namyalo also confirmed that President Museveni is here to stay and will once again appear on the ballot in 2026 as an advocate of youth empowerment.

Meanwhile, Kiryandongo leaders led by RDC Mr Dan Muganga and the LC5 Chairperson, Ms Aliguma Edith Adyeeri hailed SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo for considering the youths of Kiryandongo and choosing to empower them towards a journey of self employment and improved standard of living.

Ms Aliguma in particular implored the beneficiaries to use the tools received optimally for their benefit and to the development of their communities.

“The empowerment tools you have delivered today will fit this generation of youths because we have already trained them and they know how to use the tools you have delivered” Said Ms Aliguma.

“We are happy to have you here to deliver these empowering tools and I hope they are going to change the lives and earnings of these youths,” said Muganga.

He also prayed for unity among different NRM factions to remain United in order to win the 2026 general elections

“Let’s not fight in our house, if any comes to you welcome him, whether from PLU, NRM Secretariat or any other faction, welcome them because we are one.

At the same event, NRM welcome over 50 members of the National Unity Platform crossed to the ruling National party, and these were warmly welcomed by SPA Namyalo alongside the district NRM leaders and ONC Coordinators.

Richard Ochira, the chairperson of the yellow team who mobiized the youths to cross to the NRM said the new converts have chosen the right home.

The event climaxed with electric performances from Ugandan rapper and musician Gravity Omutujju, and later Bazzukulu enjoyed sumptuous meals organized by the ONC team in the area.

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