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Police Officers In Trouble Over illegal Arrests

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In a bid to tackle collusion between its detectives and legal representatives, the Uganda Police Force has announced stringent measures to combat illegal arrests and prolonged detention of suspects. Isaiah Igumira, the head of legal and complaints at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headquarters, unveiled the initiative amid growing concerns over the disappearance of 18 individuals who were reportedly arrested during and after the 2021 electoral campaigns.

The 2024 rule of law report highlighted that these missing Ugandans were apprehended by security personnel from various locations and held in undisclosed facilities without being presented in court. Despite efforts by government agencies such as the Uganda Police Force and the Uganda Human Rights Commission, information regarding their whereabouts remains elusive.

During the release of the rule of law report, Igumira emphasized the urgency to address systemic issues within law enforcement agencies to safeguard the rights and liberties of individuals. He stated, “Over-detention is not a police policy,” underscoring the commitment to rectify the situation.

Igumira condemned the collusion between some lawyers and low-ranking police detectives, citing instances where lawyers misled officers into making premature arrests based on false premises. He criticized the criminalization of civil cases, where disputes are misrepresented as criminal offenses, leading to wrongful detentions.

“We are implementing mechanisms to ensure that officers are held accountable,” Igumira asserted. He outlined plans to launch a call center where individuals can lodge complaints directly, streamlining the process of addressing grievances and ensuring transparency within the CID.

“It’s crucial to understand that if there is anarchy, no one is spared,” Igumira concluded, emphasizing the importance of upholding human rights and maintaining integrity within the law enforcement system. The pledge by the police reflects a concerted effort to combat corruption and promote accountability in the pursuit of justice.

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