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ONC Mobilization Team Drives Reconciliation Among NRM Leaders In Iganga District

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The Office of The National Chairman (ONC) mobilization team led by Hajji Shafiq Mwanje, the Head of Mobilization, and his deputy, George William Kalema earlier on held a meeting with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) district leaders in Iganga district together with RDCs and their Deputies, CAOs and their deputies, DPCs, DISOs, and other security heads in Iganga district.

The meeting was intended to discuss with the NRM party stakeholders, including the top district officials in the ongoing reconciliation process of NRM party leaders that kicked off last week in Busoga region in preparation for the 2026 general elections.

The reconciliation process is intended to unite NRM party leaders, intensify grassroot mobilization for the party & identify mistakes in the previous elections & find solutions for them ahead of 2026 elections.

The process is also intended to engage party leaders in identifying people’s challenges and needs to have them reported and handled by the Office of the National Chairman.

According to ONC Manager Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo who is acting on behalf of President Museveni, the National Chairman, the reconciliation process will also harmonize party leadership and structures in order to level the ground for grass root mobilization for the party ahead of 2026 general elections.

Speaking during the meeting, Hajji Mwanje highlighted the importance of unity and working together as party leaders and different security organs for the good of the people and also achieving victory for President Museveni and other party leaders intending to contest on the NRM card.

Hajji Mwanje also called upon the leaders to send a message to parents and youths to prioritize acquiring hands-on skills which he said is very key in job and wealth creation to enable all households to get into the money economy as directed by President Museveni.

Adding his Vice to the meeting, Mr Kalema also implored the leaders and security organs to work together to monitor and ensure that government programs like Emyooga and parish development model (PDM) reach the intended people, ensure service delivery to the people of Iganga district as well as helping locals involved in land disputes as one of key challenges especially in Sugarcane growing areas.

The leaders raised concerns including, internal conflicts especially during primaries, Land disputes, poor road network (Iganga Kumuli Road), the need to revive Busoga University, declining sugarcane prices among others leading to the decline in the Party support during elections.

In response, Hajji Mwanje and his team advised the leaders especially the NRM District chairperson, Resident District Commission (RDC) to officially write a report with all issues raised to have them addressed by President Museveni through Hajjat Namyalo as the Manager at ONC.

To solve the problem of post election disputes, Hajji Mwanje also advised the leaders to identify potential party candidates interested in different elective positions and have them ready even before the Party primaries.

Meanwhile, Iganga District NRM Chairperson, Hajji Abubaker Walubi, called upon Hajjat Namyalo and her team to identify party officials to secure and protect NRM party votes for the President and other leaders as one the ways to avoid post-election disputes that rise from election malpractice.

According to Walubi, Hajjat Namyalo’s Mobilization strategies and identifying party leaders like ONC coordinators in Busoga Sub -region and the whole country at large have already created a huge impact as far as grassroot mobilization is concerned.

The leaders have thus commended Hajjat Namyalo for empowering the Bazzukulu and voters in Busogo sub-region and other regions.

The meeting was attended by top party leaders and heads of security organs in Iganga District including the NRM Chairperson, Walubi Abubakar, DPC, RDC and their Deputies, Deputy CAO, DPC, DISO, NRM Chairperson for the Elderly, ONC Coordinators among others.

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