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Dr. Sudir Ruparelia Spearheads Massive Blood Donation Drive To Combat Uganda’s High Death Rates

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, Uganda – In a bid to address Uganda’s alarming rates of fatalities due to blood shortages, Dr. Sudir Ruparelia, the Honorary Counsel of Nepal in Uganda and CEO of the Ruparelia Group, has rallied support for a massive blood donation drive. Teaming up with the Non-Resident Nepali Association and the Blood Bank of Uganda, Dr. Ruparelia aims to replenish the blood supply to save countless lives.

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The blood donation drive is scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 28, 2024, at Kampala Parents School from 8 am to 6 pm. Dr. Ruparelia emphasized the critical need for blood donations, particularly for victims of accidents, where the lack of blood often leads to tragic outcomes.

“Everyone is invited to be part of this noble cause,” stated Dr. Sudir Ruparelia. “Our goal is to collect thousands of liters of blood to meet the urgent demand and save lives across Uganda.”

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Prior to donation, individuals will undergo a thorough screening process, ensuring the safety and integrity of the donated blood. Prospective donors will be required to fill out a confidential medical history, including questions about behaviors that may pose a higher risk of blood-borne infections.

While the campaign encourages widespread participation, there are certain eligibility criteria for blood donation. Individuals who have engaged in specific activities within the past three months, such as using injected drugs, having multiple sexual partners, or engaging in sex for money or drugs, may be deemed ineligible to donate blood. Additionally, those with certain medical conditions or recent infections are advised against donation.

Dr. Sudir Ruparelia’s initiative has garnered widespread support, with various organizations and individuals pledging their commitment to the cause. With the cooperation of the community, the blood donation drive aims to alleviate the chronic blood shortage and prevent unnecessary loss of life.

As Uganda grapples with the challenges posed by insufficient blood supplies, Dr. Ruparelia’s proactive efforts offer hope for a healthier and safer future for all citizens

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