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UPC President Calls For Fair Tax Policies & Business Education

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By Gad Masereka

In a press briefing held today at the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party headquarters in Kampala, Hon. Jimmy Akena, the party president, addressed a range of pressing issues facing the nation. Among the key topics discussed were healthcare, education, social welfare, and taxation policies.

During his address, Akena emphasized the importance of fair government policies that provide equitable access to opportunities and services for all citizens.

He pointed out instances where UPC had opposed policies that burdened taxpayers unfairly, such as the over-taxation of data in 2018, which hindered the growth of Uganda’s digital economy. Akena stressed the need for tax policies that do not overstretch taxpayers while still enhancing tax revenue for the government.

Highlighting concerns about tax waivers that disproportionately favor foreign investors over local ones, Akena called for fairness and equity in policy implementation. He advocated for stakeholder involvement in policy formulation and education to ensure that local businesses understand and can adapt to new tax initiatives effectively.

Regarding recent tensions between traders and the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) over the implementation of electronic fiscal receipting and invoicing solutions, Akena urged for a balanced approach. He emphasized the importance of educating businesses about these new tax measures to prevent unintended consequences such as business closures and disruptions to regional trade.

Looking ahead to the 2026 general elections, Akena announced that UPC is working on revising its manifesto to address tax policies and other issues in the best interest of the Ugandan people.

In addition to discussing policy matters, Akena extended condolences to the families of prominent figures who recently passed away, including the former Vice President of Uganda, Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe, and Dr. Martin Aliker, a renowned businessman and close associate of Akena’s family.

In concluding his speech, Akena reiterated the need for responsible government spending, emphasizing that taxpayer money should be used prudently to benefit the citizens of Uganda.

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