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Victoria University Hosts Memorial Service For Late Chancellor Dr. Aliker, Honors Legacy With Poignant Tribute

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By Gad Masereka

Victoria University reverently commemorated the remarkable life of the late Dr. Jerome Martin Okec Aliker, who passed away at the age of 95, yesterday. Dr. Aliker, who served as the university’s chancellor from 2013 to 2019, was hailed by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Muganga, as an exemplar of dedication and service to the nation.

According to Prof. Muganga, Dr. Aliker laid a formidable foundation for Victoria University, contributing significantly to it’s success. He also emphasized Dr. Aliker’s enduring impact on the university and expressed gratitude for his invaluable contributions.

While addressing the crowd, former Vice Chancellor, Dr. Stephen R. Isabalija, shared poignant anecdotes of his interactions with Dr. Aliker, portraying him as a paragon of integrity, passion, and commitment to advancing education.

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Former Vice Chancellor, Dr. Stephen R. Isabalija

In a touching tribute, Prof. John Opuda-Asibo, Dr. Aliker’s successor, reflected on his first encounter with the late chancellor in 2013. He described Dr. Aliker as a humble leader who embodied the values of hope and competence, urging current students to emulate his dedication and self-reliance.

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Victoria University Chancellor, Prof. John Opuda-Asibo

As a token of remembrance, the university administration unveiled a poignant poem dedicated to Dr. Aliker, composed by University Secretary Mary Goretti Katusabe-Ssemwezi. Titled ‘Mr. Chancellor Sir, You Were You,’ the poem encapsulates the essence of Dr. Aliker’s influence and legacy.

“Mr. Chancellor Sir, You Were You”

You held Victoria University from the cradle Tenderly as a loving mother and Steered her out of the labyrinth You gave it your all Because you were you

We are because we are a piece of you God favored us among many and Gave us a Chancellor With a personality more valuable than rhodium A personality so rare yet rearing many Because you were you

Whispers and whistles of acclaim, Citations and recitations of your achievements Both visible and invisible Ring loud but tenderly in our ears and Boldly like the Tororo Rock They stand before our eyes Because you were you

Let us proclaim it On the top of the roofs and mountains; Work, hard work spiced with integrity Performed with dignity With the flavor of honesty And refreshing candor These were the hallmarks of your career Because you remained you

Son of the Chief You touched firms and firmly so Touched the slave and Master Touched the young and the old Touched the high and mighty But remained you Because you were you.

You served Victoria University You served the nation You served mankind Because you were you

The blasts of age and ill health Did not make you wither Rest in Peace Peaceful, silent Roaring Lion of Acholi Because you were you!

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