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Police Officer Wanted For Shooting Colleague On Duty

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A manhunt is underway in Buikwe district after a police officer allegedly shot and killed his colleague while on duty at the Yogi Steel Factory in Malindi cell, Wakisi division, Njeru municipality.

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday, April 13, 2024, night, sending shockwaves through the local community. The victim, identified as PC Richard Mugobera, 45, stationed at the Bujjagali Police Unit, fell victim to gunfire allegedly inflicted by Cpl Selestine Okot, 50, also stationed at the same unit.

Eyewitnesses, who opted to remain anonymous, recounted the events leading up to the fatal shooting. According to their testimony, tensions flared when a private security personnel detained a worker suspected of possessing contraband. Okot allegedly harassed the security personnel, escalating the situation.

Mugobera intervened to defuse the confrontation, but Okot purportedly attempted to draw his firearm during the altercation. In the ensuing struggle, Mugobera was shot in the left thigh before Okot fled the scene with his weapon.

Despite swift efforts to transport Mugobera to Jinja Hospital for medical attention, he tragically succumbed to his injuries.

Police recovered the deceased’s firearm at the crime scene, while Okot remains at large with his weapon, identified as UGPol 565910105-38982.

In response to the incident, authorities have launched a murder investigation against Okot, with the case file numbered Njeru CRB240/2024.

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