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King Mumbere of Rwenzururu Cultural Institution Reshuffles Cabinet, Emphasizes Peace and Cooperation

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In a significant move aimed at revitalizing the leadership of the Rwenzururu Cultural Institution, His Majesty Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma has announced a sweeping reshuffle of his cabinet, dropping and replacing nine key ministers. This reshuffle marks a pivotal moment for the kingdom, barely six months after King Mumbere’s return following the 2016 military raid on his royal palace.

Among the notable changes, Benson Kule Baritazale steps into the role of Deputy Prime Minister, succeeding Edwin Bayiringa Kugonza. Additionally, Deputy Attorney General David Bwamable has been replaced by Herbert Bagheni, signaling a new direction in legal affairs within the institution.

In a bid to bolster the kingdom’s communication and information dissemination efforts, John Thawite and Joel Kaguta have been succeeded by Geoffrey Kanyonyi and Babra Ndahura as the Kingdom’s information and public relations officers, respectively.

During the announcement at the Kasese Multipurpose Hall, King Mumbere expressed gratitude to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his efforts in restoring peace and stability to the Rwenzori sub-region. He urged the newly appointed cabinet members to collaborate closely with the central government to uphold and advance the existing peace for the socio-economic transformation of the region.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Joseph Kule Muranga reaffirmed his allegiance to the king, the royal family, and the institution’s constitution, pledging to promote the rich culture of the Bakhonzo people.

The new cabinet, led by Prime Minister Muranga, includes familiar faces such as Counsel Alfred Makasi as Attorney General and Patrick Muhesi as Minister of Finance, Planning, and Administration. Noteworthy additions include Aganatiya Katya as Minister of Culture, Heritage, Native Administration, and Veteran Affairs, and Joshua Baluku as Minister of Education, Research, and Sports.

In his address, King Mumbere emphasized the importance of integrity, honesty, and trust among cabinet members, urging them to prioritize the welfare and development of the kingdom.

Minister of Gender, Rehabilitation, and Persons with Disabilities, Hon. Juliet Best Bakoko Ferigo, pledged to spearhead a campaign for mindset change among kingdom loyalists, leveraging her networks with various stakeholders to drive positive transformation.

Minister Geoffrey Kanyonyi, also serving as the kingdom’s spokesperson, issued a caution against computer misuse within the local community, underscoring the need for responsible digital engagement.

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