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Police Officer Further Remanded For Rapping A Suspect In Custody

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Venerato Muhumuza, a 58-year-old police officer stationed at Kashambya police station in Rukiga district, finds himself further entangled in legal proceedings over accusations of raping a female suspect. The latest development in this case came as Juliet Najunju, the Kabale resident district state attorney, requested additional time citing the absence of crucial witnesses during the court session.

The incident, alleged to have occurred on January 17, 2022, saw Muhumuza purportedly taking advantage of his position while on duty to commit the offense. The victim, Caroline Kyatuheire, a 30-year-old from Nyarubisi village, Kitanga parish, Kashambya sub-county, had been detained on suspicion of theft involving Shs 1 million and a mobile phone from a local mobile money agent.

According to reports, Muhumuza allegedly opened the police cells during the night hours and escorted Kyatuheire to his room, where the assault is said to have taken place.

The gravity of the allegations against Muhumuza led to his appearance before Justice Samuel Emokor at the Kabale High Court, where he faced charges of rape under sections 123 and 124 of the Penal Code Act. However, the proceedings hit a snag as Najunju sought an adjournment, citing the absence of key witnesses crucial to implicating the accused.

In light of this development, Justice Emokor ordered Muhumuza’s further remand to Ndorwa Government Prison until April 5, extending the legal saga surrounding the case.

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