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Amudat Murder Case: Three Charged In Connection With Mbale Businessmen’s Killing

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In a significant breakthrough, police have charged three individuals in connection with the brutal murder of Binyota and three other prominent businessmen in Amudat last month.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, revealed, “We have finally charged the three suspects for that tragic and violent murder which happened in Amudat, claiming the lives of four prominent business persons from Mbale.”

The victims, including Binyota Umaru and three others, were all respected cattle traders in the Mbale region. Among the accused is Busisa Tom, believed to be one of the masterminds behind the heinous act. Tom was apprehended after being on the run since the murders.

“With the arrest of Busisa Tom, we managed to charge them to court with aggravated robbery and murder. Alongside Tom, we also charged Wobusa Fred and Binyota Rashid, the brother of Binyota Umaru,” explained Enanga.

The investigation further unveiled the involvement of Corporal Onen Richard Layo, a police officer attached to the anti-stock theft unit. Layo, who was among the initial responders at the crime scene, stands accused of tampering with crucial evidence.

“He was among the first respondents to the scene of the crime after hearing gunshots. Instead of securing the area, he tampered with evidence by removing cartridges,” Enanga detailed.

Despite initial suspicions regarding Layo’s connection to the murder suspects, Enanga clarified, “Though there was no direct connection, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions guided that we should charge him with destroying evidence. Layo appeared in court alongside the other suspects on March 21st.”

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