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8-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped On Her Way Home From School In Nakaseke District

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In a harrowing incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, eight-year-old Aikolu Patricia, a pupil at Ngoma Church of Uganda Primary School in Kasambya village, Ngoma Town Council, Nakaseke District, was reportedly abducted on her way home from school on March 21, 2024.

According to initial reports from the Territorial joint security agencies in the Savannah region, Aikolu was accompanied to school by her father, Taban Vincent, on the fateful day. At around 1:00 PM, after school had concluded for the day, Aikolu and two of her classmates from P1 were released to make their way home for lunch.

Tragically, en route to their respective homes, Aikolu was lured away by a stranger under the pretense of fetching chickens. The stranger allegedly gave money to the two boys accompanying Aikolu, while he led her into the nearby bushes.

When Aikolu failed to return home, her concerned classmates raised the alarm, prompting a frantic search by village members mobilized by the local LC1 chairman. Despite their efforts, Aikolu remained missing.

Upon receiving the distressing news, local law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the scene, documenting evidence and initiating search efforts. The joint security forces are currently working tirelessly to locate the missing girl and apprehend the suspect responsible for her disappearance.

In a statement, ASPTwiineamazima Sam, the Savannah region police spokesperson, revealed that efforts to contact Aikolu’s biological mother, who is separated from her father, have been unsuccessful. Authorities suspect that she may have crucial information regarding her daughter’s whereabouts and are actively seeking her cooperation.

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