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President Museveni Shakes Up Cabinet: Intriguing Changes Revealed in Newly Released Ministerial List

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President Museveni of Uganda has announced amendments to his cabinet list in a move aimed at fine-tuning his administration’s structure. The President described the changes as “slight” and emphasized their alignment with constitutional provisions.

The announcement, made through a statement issued on Thursday evening, outlined the authority vested in the President by specific articles of the Ugandan Constitution. These include Articles 108(2), 108A(1), 113(1), and 114(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

Below is the list of amended ministers that are going to serve with President Museveni

  1.    H.E. the Vice president    –    HON. JESSICA ALUPO


2.    Rt. Hon Prime Minister    –    RT. HON. ROBINAH

And Leader of Government    NABBANJA; Business in Parliament


1.    1st Deputy Prime Minister and    –    RT. HON. REBECCA Minister for East African        KADAGA; Community Affairs

2.    2nd Deputy Prime minister    –    RT. HON. GEN.

and Deputy leader of Government    MOSES ALI; Business in Parliament

3.    3rd Deputy Prime Minister and    –    HON. LUKIA Minister without Port-folio        NAKADAMA;

4.    Minister of Education and Sports    –    HON. MUSEVENI


5.    Minister, office of the President    –    MS MARIAM DHOKA (Presidency)        BABALANDA;

6.    Minister, office of the President    –    HON. JIM (Security)        MUHWEEZI;

7.    Minister, office of the President    –    DR. MUSENERO Serviced by the State House        MONICA; Comptroller, in Charge of Science,

Technology and Innovation

8.    Minister for Kampala Capital    –    HAJATI MINSA and Metropolitan Affairs        KABANDA;

9.    Minister, office of the Prime    –    RT. HON. KASULE Minister (General duties)        LUMUMBA;

10.    Government Chief Whip    –    OBUA DENIS


11.    Minister, Office of the Prime    –    HON. ONEK Minister (Relief, Disaster        HILARY; Preparedness and Refugees)

12.    Minister for Karamoja Affairs    –    HON. PETER


13.    Minister of Agriculture, Animal    –    HON. FRANK Industry and Fisheries        TUMWEBAZE;

14.    Minister of Constitutional    –    HON. NOBERT MAO; Affairs

15.    Attorney General    –    MR. KIRYOWA KIWANUKA;

16.    Minister of Defence and    –    HON. OBOTH Veterans Affairs        MARKSON JACOB;

17.    Minister of Energy and Minerals    –    HON. RUTH Development        NANKABIRWA;

18.        Minister of Finance, Planning    –    HON. MATIA and Economic Development        KASAIJA;

19.    Minister of Foreign Affairs    –    HON. JEJE ODONGO


20.    Minister of Gender, Labour    –    HON. BETTY and Social Development        AMONGI;

21.    Minister of Health    –    HON. JANE ACENG;

22.    Minister of Information,    –    DR. CHRIS Communications Technology        BARYOMUNSI; and National Guidance

23.    Minister of Internal Affairs    –    HON. KAHINDA


24.    Minister of Lands, Housing    –    HON. JUDITH and Urban Development        NABAKOOBA;

25.    Minister of Local Government    –    HON. RAPHAEL


26.    Minister of Public service    –    HON. MURUULI


27.    Minister of Tourism,    –    HON. TOM BUTIME; Wildlife and antiquities

28.    Minister of Trade, Industry    –    HON. FRANCIS and Cooperatives        MWEBESA;

29.    Minister of Water and    –    HON. CHEPTORIS Environment        SAM MANGUSHO;

30.    Minister of Works    –    HON. EDWARD

and Transport    KATUMBA WAMALA;


Office of the President:

1.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. BEATRICE President (Economic Monitoring)        AKELLO;

2.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. AKELLO ROSE; President (Ethics and Integrity)

Office of the Vice President:

3.    Minister of State, Office of    –    HON. MUTASINGWA the Vice President        DIANA NANKUNDA;

Office of the Prime Minister:

4.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. LILLIAN ABER; Prime Minister (Relief, Disaster

Preparedness and refugees)

5.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    DR OMONA Prime Minister (Northern Uganda)        KENETH;

6.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. WAMALA Prime Minister (Karamoja)        NAMBOZO


7.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. ALICE Prime Minister (Luwero Triangle        KABOYO;

-Rwenzori Region)

8.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. KACHA Prime Minister (Bunyoro Affairs)        NAMUYANGU


9.    Minister of State, Office of the    –    HON. DR. OBOTE Prime Minister (Teso Affairs)        ONGALO;

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries:

10.    Minister of State for Agriculture,    –    HON. FRED Animal Industry and        BWINO

Fisheries (Agriculture)    KYAKULAGA;

11.    Minister of State for Agriculture,    –    HON. BRIGHT Animal Industry and        RWAMIRAMA; Fisheries (Animal Industry)

12.    Minister of State for Agriculture,    –    HON. ADOA Animal Industry and        HELLEN; Fisheries (Fisheries)

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:

13.    Deputy Attorney General    –    HON. KAFUUZI JACKSON;

Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

14.    Minister of State for Defense    –    HON. SARAH and Veteran Affairs (Defence)        NYIRABASHITSI


15.    Minister of State for Defence    –    HON. OLERU HUDA; and Veteran Affairs (Veteran Affairs)

Ministry of East African Affairs

16.    Minister of State for East    –    HON. MAGODE IKUYA; African Affairs

Ministry of Education and Sports:

17.    Minister of State for Education    –    HON. DR. MUYINGO and Sports (Higher Education)        JOHN CHRYSOSTOM;

18.    Minister of State for Education    –    HON. DR. MORIKU and Sports (Primary Education)        JOYCE KADUCU;

19.    Minister of State for Education    –    HON. PETER OGWANG; and Sports (Sports)

Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development:

20.    Minister of State for Energy and    –    HON. OKASAI Minerals Development (Energy)        SIDRONIUS OPOLOT;

21.    Minister of State for Energy and    –    HON. NYAMUTORO Minerals Development (Minerals)        PHIONA;

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

22.    Minister of State for Finance,    –    HON. HENRY MUSAASIZI; Planning and Economic Development (General Duties)

23.    Minister of State for Finance,    –    HON. AMOS LUGOLOOBI; Planning and Economic Development (Planning)

24.    Minister of State for Finance,    –    HON. ANITE EVELYN; Planning and Economic

Development (Privatization and Investment)

25.    Minister of State for Finance,    –    HON. KYEYUNE Planning and Economic        HARUNA KASOLO; Development (Micro-Finance)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

26.    Minister of State for Foreign    –    HON. ORYEM OKELLO; Affairs (International Affairs)

27.    Minister of State for Foreign    – HON. JOHN MULIMBA; Affairs (Regional Affairs)

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

28.    Minister of State for Gender,    –    HON. PEACE MUTUZO;

Labour and Social Development

(Gender and Culture)

29.        Minister of State for Gender,    –    MR. BALAM Labour and Social Development        BARUGAHARA;

(Youth and Children Affairs)

30.    Minister of State for Gender,    –    HON. ANYAKUN Labour and Social Development        ESTHER DAVINIA; (Employment and Industrial Relations)

31.    Minister of State for Gender,    –    HON. HELLEN Labour and Social Development        ASAMO; (Disability Affairs)

32.    Minister of State for Gender,    –    HON. GIDUDU Labour and Social Development        MAFABI; (Elderly Affairs)

Ministry of Health:

33.    Minister of State for Health    –    HON. BANGIRANA KAWOYA;

(General Duties)

34.    Minister of State for Health    –    HON. MARGARET

(Primary Health Care)    MUHAANGA;

Ministry of Information, Communications Technology and National Guidance:

35.    Minister of State for Information,    –    HON. JOYCE National Guidance (Information)        SEBUGWAWO;

36.    Minister of State for Information,    –    HON. KABYANGA Communications Technology and        GODFRY BARUKU; National Guidance (National Guidance)

Ministry of internal Affairs:

37.    Minister of State for    –    HON. DAVID MUHOOZI; internal Affairs

Ministry of Kampala capital City and Metropolitan Affairs:

38.    Minister of State for Kampala    –    HON. KABUYE KYOFA; capital City and Metropolitan Affairs:

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

39.    Minister of State for Lands, Housing    –    HON. NAMUGANZA and Urban Development (Housing)        PERSIS;

40.    Minister of State for Lands, Housing    –    HON. OBIGA KANIA; and Urban Development (Urban Development)

41.    Minister of State for Lands,    –    HON. SAM MAYANJA; Housing and Urban Development (Lands)

Ministry of Local Government:

42.    Minister of State for Local Government    –    HON. VICTORIA


Ministry of public Service

43.    Minister of State for public Service    –    HON. GRACE MARY


Ministry of tourism Wildlife and Antiquities:

44.    Minister of State foe tourism and Antiquities    –    HON. MARTIN


Ministry of trade, industry and Cooperatives

45.    Minister of State for Trade    – HON. GUME FREDRICK; Industry and Cooperatives (Cooperatives)

46.    Minister of State for trade, industry    – HON. BAHATI DAVID; and Cooperatives (Industry)

47.    Minister of State for trade, industry    – GEN. WILSON MBASU MBADI; and Cooperatives (Trade)

Ministry of Water and Environment:

48.    Minister of State for water and    –    HON BEATRICE ANYWAR; Environment (environment)

49.    Minister of State for water and    –    HON. AISHA SEKKINDI; Environment (Water)

Ministry of works and Transport:

50.    Minister of State for works and    –    HON. MUSA ECHWERU; Transport (Works)

51.    Minister of State for works and    –    HON. FRED BYAMUKAMA; Transport (Transport)

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Gen. (rtd)






Their Schedules will be given to them later.

1.    ASIO OMASWA – Principal Private Secretary.

2.    IRENE BIRUNGYI – Deputy PPS transferred to the Ministry of Public service for deployment.

SIGNED This ………….day of…………. In the year of our Lord 2024.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Gen (rtd)


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