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Tragic: Hostile Dog Mauls 7-Month-Old Baby To Death, Injures Maid In Wakiso District Incident

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A horrifying incident has left a family in mourning as Dr. Andrew Obuku’s dog escaped from its kennel and viciously attacked his seven-month-old baby, resulting in the child’s tragic death. The incident, which also left the family maid injured, occurred at Dr. Obuku’s residence in Canaan Estate, Mawugulu Cell, Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District.

The hostile dog reportedly went on a rampage while the baby was on the veranda under the care of the newly-recruited maid, Sharon Nuwarinda. Dr. Obuku and his wife were away at work when the Monday morning attack unfolded.

In a statement, Nuwarinda described the harrowing ordeal, stating that she tried to intervene and save the baby but was overpowered by the aggressive dog. Neighbors responded to her calls for help, rushing the injured baby to Kisubi hospital. Sadly, the child was pronounced dead upon arrival at the medical facility.

Detectives from Kisubi and Entebbe police stations are currently investigating the incident. Police reports indicate that the dog’s kennel was not adequately secured, allowing it to escape and carry out the deadly attack.

“This tragic incident underscores the importance of ensuring proper containment and control of pets, especially those with aggressive tendencies,” remarked a police spokesperson.

Authorities have taken the body of the deceased baby to Mulago city mortuary for postmortem examination, while the injured maid has been placed in safe custody at Entebbe police station.

It has been revealed that this is not the first time the dog exhibited aggressive behavior, as it had previously attempted to attack neighbors, raising concerns about the safety and management of pets within communities.

The community is shocked and saddened by the loss of the young child in such a tragic and preventable circumstance, emphasizing the need for responsible pet ownership and safety measures.

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