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20-Year-Old Man Killed In Bar Over Alleged Love Affair With Barmaid

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Body of Uganda Police officer found hanging from a tree

A tragic incident unfolded in Mayuge Town Council as a disagreement between two young men turned fatal, leading to the death of 26-year-old Edirisa Wabwire. The suspect, 20-year-old Shamiru Wakabi, has been arrested and detained by Territorial Police following the altercation at a local bar.

According to Busoga East Police Spokesperson SSP Diana Nandawula, the incident occurred at Sobarz Bar and Lodge in the early hours of Monday, around 1 am. Reports suggest that the altercation stemmed from a misunderstanding involving a love affair with an unidentified woman.

Witnesses recounted that during the dispute, Wakabi allegedly struck Wabwire, causing him to lose consciousness. Wabwire was swiftly transported to Muwanguzi Medical Center but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries upon arrival.

SSP Diana Nandawula stated, “We have arrested Wakabi Shamiru on the charge of murder after involving in a fight with Wabwire Edirisa who later died on arrival at a health center.”

Contrary to initial reports, it was clarified that the incident did not occur within the bar premises but rather at a location nearby called U-turn, shortly after the two men had exited the bar.

The grieving father of the deceased, Mr. Aliyi Wabwire, has appealed for justice and support from the government, expressing deep sorrow over the loss of his son. “I am requesting the government to help me with support because I don’t have anything to do now,” Mr. Wabwire said.

Community leaders have also chimed in, condemning the reckless behavior that often accompanies alcohol consumption among youths. Mr. Yahaya Ikoba, chairperson of Tse-Tse zone, emphasized the need for responsible behavior among young people to prevent such tragic outcomes.

The body of Edirisa Wabwire has been taken to Mayuge Health Centre IV for postmortem examination as investigations into the incident continue. The community is left mourning and grappling with the repercussions of a quarrel that turned fatal in their midst.

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