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UPDF Issues ADF Terror Alert, Activates Protection Mode in Uganda

UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Col. Deo Akiiki stated that ADF’s continued pursuit of terrorism in Uganda is suicidal.



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By Ivan Kaahwa

The UPDF has issued a terror alert in Uganda, citing members of the ADF planning to deploy terror cells in urban centers, places of worship, and public gatherings to cause mayhem. Citizens are urged to remain vigilant, identify, and report any suspicious individuals or packages to prevent becoming victims.Joint intelligence forces have confirmed the presence of another group that has infiltrated the country with a mission to carry out terror.

This group is suspected to be under the command of notorious ADF commander Ahamed Muhamood Hasssan, also known as Abu Waqas, a Tanzanian-born bomb expert, along with Muhammed Issa, Amigo Kibirige, aka Simba, Muhamad Lumisa, and Nasser Hamid Diru. One of them is believed to have been deployed in Uganda by Abu Waqas for the current mission, according to UPDF.

Security agencies have activated high-alert mode and are collaborating to protect Ugandans. UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Col. Deo Akiiki stated that ADF’s continued pursuit of terrorism in Uganda is suicidal. He noted that despite the firepower mounted against ADF Kamanda inside the DRC, ADF has continued to rampage in the DRC, killing civilians far from where UPDF forces are jointly operating with FARDC. UPDF is in close communication with their counterparts, including considering proposals from the heads of state of Uganda and the DRC regarding the employment of LDUs (Local Vigilante groups) to halt these killings.

It should be recalled that in October 2023, ten ADF terrorists under the command of Kamusi and Njovu infiltrated the country through Kasese district, killing tourists, attacking Lhubiriha Secondary School, and burning a lorry carrying traders and their merchandise. This same group later crossed into Kamwenge district and attacked innocent civilians. Kamusi was subsequently killed, and Njovu, his second in command, was captured and is currently undergoing trial. The group was dismantled, scattering ADF elements into the jungles of the DRC.

These revenge acts of terrorism were triggered by sustained joint operations of UPDF and FARDC under Operation Shujaa, including strategic airstrikes on ADF and their hideouts in Eastern DRC, particularly in the areas of Irumu, Mambasa, and later in Komanda, approximately 146 kilometers from the common border. Attacks on ADF terrorists in Eastern DRC continue unabated.

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