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Man Sentenced To 70 Years For Killing Police Lover & Student Girlfriend

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In a harrowing case that shocked Kabale Town, a 22-year-old man named Dennis Arinaitwe has been sentenced to 70 years in prison for the brutal murders of his female police lover and student girlfriend. The tragic events unfolded on March 19, 2023, leading to a heartbreaking outcome that has left families and the community reeling.

Arinaitwe’s heinous acts involved using his female police lover’s gun to fatally shoot Police Constable Caroline Komuhangi at Kabale Police Barracks. Following this shocking crime, Arinaitwe attempted to take his own life but was unsuccessful. The prosecution led by Juliet Najunju detailed these events in court, painting a picture of calculated malice and violence.

Adding to the horror, Arinaitwe then proceeded to Kamukira Cell in Kabale Municipality, where he maliciously stabbed to death his other girlfriend, Sarah Naturinda, a second-year student at Kabale University. The court heard these chilling accounts of two lives tragically cut short by Arinaitwe’s actions.

During the court proceedings, Arinaitwe pleaded guilty to the double murder charges as part of a plea bargain in hopes of receiving a lesser sentence. However, Kabale High Court judge Samuel Emokor was resolute in delivering justice, emphasizing that Arinaitwe’s acts were “beyond human emotions” and condemning him for betraying the trust placed in him to protect others from harm.

Judge Emokor’s ruling saw Arinaitwe receiving 35 years imprisonment for each murder case, amounting to a total of 70 years behind bars. The judge took into account the time Arinaitwe had already spent on remand, resulting in a reduced sentence.

Despite Arinaitwe’s attempt to escape justice by harming himself, the judge highlighted that divine intervention prevented this, leaving Arinaitwe with visible scars as a reminder of his atrocities.

Justice Emokor also clarified that Arinaitwe retains the right to appeal the sentence if he disagrees with it, although the severity of his crimes and the resultant punishment reflect the gravity of his actions.

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