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13-Year-Old Female Pupil Arrested For Killing Fellow Pupil After A Serious Quarrel During Water Fetching In Boarding School

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Police truck in Magere

In a distressing turn of events, the Territorial Police in Aswa West Region, along with Gulu West CPS, have taken into custody a 13-year-old female pupil identified as Angee Bakita for the alleged murder of her fellow pupil, 14-year-old Nyatrich Tracy. Both students were enrolled in the boarding section at Divine Care Nursery and Primary School.

The incident unfolded during a routine activity as the two pupils were fetching water. According to gathered facts, a quarrel erupted between Angee Bakita and Nyatrich Tracy, leading to a tragic outcome. Angee Bakita reportedly grabbed Nyatrich Tracy by the neck and strangled her during the altercation. Subsequently, she pushed Nyatrich Tracy, causing her to fall heavily and lose consciousness.

Nyatrich Tracy was swiftly transported to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, where medical professionals pronounced her dead upon arrival. The sudden loss of Nyatrich Tracy has left her family, friends, and school community devastated, as they grapple with the shock and grief of her untimely passing.

The police have expressed their condolences to Nyatrich Tracy’s immediate family, friends, and schoolmates during this difficult time. SCP Enanga Fred, the Police Spokesperson, highlighted the severity of the incident, describing Angee Bakita’s actions as exceptionally brutal, especially for someone of her age.

Angee Bakita has been placed in female custody as investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding Nyatrich Tracy’s death. The police emphasize the importance of adequate supervision and security measures within schools to prevent such tragic incidents of violence among students.

The body of Nyatrich Tracy has been transferred to St. Mary’s Lacor for a post-mortem examination to determine the exact cause of her death. The authorities urge school administrators to prioritize safety and vigilance to avert occurrences of violence among students and ensure a conducive learning environment.

As the investigation progresses, the community awaits further details and hopes for justice for Nyatrich Tracy and her grieving loved ones.

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