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Pan-African Pyramid Debates Ignite Call For Unity, Activism Against External Influences: Speakers Rally For African Renaissance Amidst LGBTQ Assault On Africa

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By Gad Masereka

In an effort to find African solutions for African challenges, the Pan African Pyramid (PAP) debates chaired by its Speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe on Friday, March 15, 2024, provided a pivotal platform for thought-provoking discussions on “21st Century African Renaissance & Awakening vs LGBTQ Assault on Africa.” Diverse speakers from various backgrounds shared unique perspectives and insights during this engaging event at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

While delivering his speech, Ayo Kimathi, a renowned social architect and activist, delivered a powerful speech that called for African unity and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges especially the so called sodomy.

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Kimathi emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing the struggles faced by African communities worldwide. His raw emotion and unwavering dedication left a lasting impact on Ugandans who were present, urging them to embrace their heritage and fight against divisive forces.

During his unapologetic speech, Kimathi mocked Bobi Wine’s alleged support for LGBTQ rights when he attended a certain conference in Maryland, stating that he observed Bobi Wine smiling at the opportunity to gain financial support, seemingly indifferent to the agenda being pushed. He also highlighted external influences on African affairs, particularly regarding LGBTQ rights. He shared his opposition to agendas promoting homosexuality in Africa, stressing the need to defend African interests and resist foreign ideologies.

Following Kimathi’s speech, Andrew Irumba Katusabe, the PAP speaker took the stage to deliver a message of courage and activism. He emphasized the importance of individual bravery in confronting societal challenges and using technology as a tool for positive change.

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Katusabe called upon African Africans to encouraging them to speak their truth and champion the African cause.

While addressing issues of gender identity and societal norms, Katusabe noted that the so called minority should not have any say coz God created men and women. “You’re supposed to live as a man or a woman if you still have that intelligence,” he stated, urging a critical examination of societal narratives and expectations.

With Free Entrance, PAP Debates happen every Friday at Fairway Hotel Kampala from 5 pm-8 pm and a recorded version of the show is broadcast on NBS Television every Saturday from 4 pm-pm and repeats every Monday from 2 pm -3 pm.

More About The Pan-African Pyramid

Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 2015 with a vision to articulate concerted efforts geared towards promoting the true African Awakening among the BLACK people throughout Africa and in the Diaspora and galvanize inventions and innovations of  African people based on its principles as an intellectual, non-partisan discussion forum, built on the Pillars of PAN AFRICANISM, PATRIOTISM and NATIONALISM.

The pan-African pyramid is propagating a new Pan-Africanism concept. The new Pan-Africanism neednot be based on race, skin and colour, but IDIOLOGY and MOVEMENT. It advocates for the unification ofAfrica by economic development and Trans-African trade, and not by political actors only, but by corporate business entities.

Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African ancestry. At its core, Pan-Africanism is a belief that “African people, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny. The PAP Ideology/pre-occupation is to  REVIVE intellectual discourse among youth with a bias on re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit.

The organization was founded in 2015 under the leadership of Chairman and speaker Irumba with its social impact and humanitarian programs including;

  1. Organizing PAP debates every Friday
  2. Pan African Pyramid Global Awards every August
  3. Collecting and delivery of relief aid to refugees every December
  4. Agriculture and livestock farming
  5. Pan-African Marathon
  6. Establishment of Pan African Pyramid School clubs and debates
  7. Small Savings and Investments
  8. Tree Planting and Natural Resource Maintenance (Environment Conservation),

As one of their key objectives under the theme Christmas With Refugees that happens every December, PAP has continued to provide support to fellow Africans especially refugees in camps.  The organization has actively engaged with various refugee camps, including Bidibidi, Nakivale, and Rwamwanja, and Kyaka 11exemplifying solidarity and brotherhood in action.

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