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Pan African Pyramid Debates: Advocates Shine Light on Somalia’s Potential in East African Community Amidst Rift with Somaliland

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala, Uganda – In a gathering of minds at the esteemed Pan African Pyramid Debates chaired by it’s Speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe, discussions veered towards the implications of Somalia’s potential integration into the East African Community amidst its ongoing rift with Somaliland. The event, held at Fair Way Hotel in Kampala, saw prominent figures like Thomas Lesafree, Prince Kasagama Araali, Meddy Ssegawa, and Abdihafid Mustafa Elmira offer insights into Somalia’s future within the regional bloc.

Thomas Lesafree, known for his fervent advocacy for Pan-African solidarity, delivered a compelling address highlighting the significance of Somalia’s potential integration into the East African Community amidst its rift with Somaliland. He emphasized the importance of cooperation among African nations and cautioned against the divisive consequences of external interference.

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Similarly, Prince Kasagama Araali, with his regal demeanor and insightful analysis, delved into the complexities of Somalia’s federal structure and the enduring impact of colonial legacies. Araali’s speech resonated with attendees as he called for the recognition of Somali sovereignty and the celebration of its rich cultural heritage.

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Meddy Ssegawa’s impassioned plea for Pan-African unity struck a chord with the audience, urging African nations to prioritize collective action and sacrifice for the greater good of the continent. He outlined a comprehensive strategy for African unity and challenged leaders and citizens alike to transcend divisions in pursuit of a shared vision for the continent’s future.

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Abdihafid Mustafa Elmira, a prominent Somali activist, added his voice to the discourse, highlighting the challenges facing Somalia and the imperative of finding African solutions to African problems. Elmira’s stirring address underscored the importance of solidarity and collaboration in addressing Somalia’s internal divisions and resisting external interference.

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In his final remarks, Katusabe spoke boldly to the audience a powerful reminder of the importance of intellectual discourse and advocacy in shaping the future of the African continent.

“In unity, there is strength,” declared Katusabe, his voice resounding with conviction. He urged all those present to carry forward the spirit of solidarity and collaboration that had animated the evening’s discussions, and to work tirelessly towards a brighter future for Africa and its people.

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