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PDF Officer Fatally Shoots Bar Bouncer Over Shs 6000 Dispute

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A tragic incident unfolded in the Kiira area as a Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officer lost his temper and fatally shot a bar bouncer following a dispute over shs 6000, according to reports from the scene.

The officer in question, identified as RA 199093 Corporal Jawiyabwe Colbert, serving in the second Division based in Kakiri, Wakiso District, is currently in police custody. The shooting transpired at a bar located in Bulindo, Najjera division, in the Kampala suburb.

Deputy police spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan area, Luke Iwoyesigyire, revealed that the confrontation erupted when Colbert demanded a beer priced at shs 4000 and alleged that he had given the waiter shs 10,000. Upon a disagreement over the change, tensions escalated, leading Colbert to return to the bar with an AK 47. A scuffle ensued, resulting in the tragic death of the bar bouncer.

“After killing the bouncer, he fled the premises but later surrendered himself to the police,” stated Iwoyesigyire.

The suspect is slated to face trial for murder following his detention. This incident adds to the concerning trend of fatalities resulting from shootings, with the annual police crime report indicating over 300 shooting-related murders, primarily involving security personnel.

In a related incident, police in Sembabule are also grappling with another case involving a UPDF officer. Corporal Asiimwe Enos, attached to the reserve force of UPDF, is being held for allegedly murdering his father over land-related disputes. Enos, along with his brother Nyesiga Gracious, reportedly hung their father’s body from a jackfruit tree before reporting him missing to the authorities.

As investigations unfold, authorities are faced with the grim reality of violence within security forces spilling into civilian spaces, prompting calls for greater accountability and preventive measures to curb such tragic occurrences.

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