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Former LoP Betty Ochan Call For Immediate Mpuuga’s Resignation Amid Corruption Allegations

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Former Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Parliament, Betty Aol Ochan, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Mathias Mpuuga, advising him to step down from his position as parliamentary commissioner amidst corruption allegations.

The call for Mpuuga’s resignation stems from accusations leveled against him by his own party, the National Unity Platform (NUP). NUP leadership, including Mpuuga’s successor Joel Ssenyonyi, alleges that Mpuuga engaged in corruption and abuse of office after receiving a Shs500 million “gratuity” from the Parliamentary Commission.

According to Ssenyonyi, during a party crisis meeting chaired by NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi, Mpuuga admitted to the wrongdoing and apologized. The meeting concluded that Mpuuga should resign from his position as parliamentary commissioner.

However, Mpuuga has refuted the allegations, dismissing the call for his resignation as based on “falsehoods and terrible misapprehension of facts.” He maintains that the Shs500 million was granted to him by the Parliamentary Commission as gratuity and denies any wrongdoing.

Despite Mpuuga’s denial, Betty Ochan believes he should heed the call for resignation, emphasizing the importance of accountability. Ochan suggests that if the allegations against Mpuuga are true, he should step aside, adding that other allegedly corrupt commissioners should also be removed.

“If I were him, I would step aside if it’s true because it is public knowledge. Probably he has a reason, which he should come out and clarify,” Ochan remarked.

The controversy surrounding Mpuuga’s alleged involvement in corruption underscores the challenges facing the NUP as it grapples with internal dissent and external scrutiny over its handling of ethical and governance issues. Mpuuga’s next steps in response to these allegations remain uncertain as the situation unfolds.

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