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Opinion: An Open Letter To Whoever Is Criticizing Open Minded Statement Recently Made By Spa/Pa Hajjat Hadija Namyalo Uzeiye On Matters That Uganda Is Not A Monarchy

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Elite Abemigisha Bob

By Elite Abemigisha Bob

First and foremost, my name is Elite Abemigisha Bob, a Ugandan responsible & patriotic citizen with zeal, charisma and love for this country.

In photo attached on 28/04/2023, My conscience very clear & optimistic, as it guides me on the right path towards fulfilling my goals and contributing positively to our country, I signed on an endorsement portrait to show my great urge and support to have Mzee Sigala Ku ballot; Jjaja Tova Ku Main literally this 6word slogan calls for the continued support of H.E Y.K.Museveni as president of republic of Uganda 2026 and beyond under a democratic government.

In reference; to the on going circulated video where the SPA/PA HAJJATI HADIJA NAMYALO UZEIYE talks about Uganda as a country that must face a democratic governance not a monarchy and every diehard to the MK camp is criticizing her and throwing all baseless insults and abuses; I must say that; it’s irrational of such folks,

Uganda does not possess a monarchy system; rather, it is a republic with a presidential form of government. In this system, power is vested in a president elected by the people, and institutions like the parliament play a pivotal role in legislation and governance. Contrary to a monarchy, where leadership is hereditary and often lacks direct accountability,

Uganda’s political structure focuses on democratic principles, including regular elections and mechanisms for people’s participation and representation. It emphasizes the importance of equality, popular sovereignty, and the rule of law, which could be considered a departure from the traditional monarchial models.

We shall stand with the SPA/PA and never support the monarchy system; the reasons are clear:-

  1. Democracy: Many people believe in the values and principles of democracy, where power rests with the people through elected representatives. The monarchy system contradicts these democratic values. How will suffer such a consequence as Ugandans.
  2. Equality: Monarchies often have a hereditary succession, meaning that power is passed down within a certain family or dynasty. This can be seen as unfair and undemocratic, as it doesn’t offer equal opportunities for all Ugandan citizens to participate in leadership.
  3. Accountability: Monarchs usually hold a position of power for life, which can make them less accountable to the people. In contrast, democratic systems allow for regular elections and mechanisms to hold leaders accountable for their actions. who will be accountable for Ugandans taxes etc
  4. Economic concerns: Critics of monarchies argue that they can be financially burdensome, as they often require significant public funds to support the head family and their extravagant lifestyle. This can be seen as a misuse of taxpayer money that could be better spent on improving public services or uplifting the population. We have already seen scenarios of this here in Uganda, the parties and barazas everywhere.

I lastly end by thanking the SPA/PA UZEIYE NAMYALO for having such an open minded attitude and spirit, for loving us as Ugandans and wishing us good.
We the Bazzukulu of Jjaja believe that he is still capable and a rare breed we cannot just lose even when the vision 2040 is not accomplished yet.


Elite Abemigisha Bob
A proud Muzzukulu & responsible citizen of Uganda

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