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President Museveni Confirmed As NRM Candidate For 2026 Elections Amidst Register Update Launch

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) confirmed President Yoweri Museveni as its 2026 election candidate. The announcement was made by Senior Political Advisor Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo and reinforced by Dr. Tanga Odoi, Chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission. At a training session focused on voter registration, NRM officials urged unity and integrity in support of Museveni’s campaign, emphasizing the upcoming election’s historic nature and encouraging member mobilization for success.

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NRM Caucus on candidates for EALA Kololo 16th Sept 2022 20 scaled

By Gad Masereka

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has officially announced that President Yoweri Museveni will be a candidate in the upcoming 2026 general elections. This significant declaration came during a training session organized for ONC coordinators, NRM District chairpersons, and registrars. Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo, Museveni’s Senior Political Advisor and Office of the National Chairman Manager, made the announcement at the NRM Electoral Commission headquarters.

The training primarily focused on the impending launch of the party’s register update and member registration, which is scheduled to be overseen by President Museveni himself, who also serves as the National Chairman of the NRM. Namyalo emphasized the importance of supporting Museveni’s re-election bid and stressed the necessity of integrity in the registration process.

Moreover, cautionary advice was given to party leaders and coordinators regarding potential interference from aspiring candidates seeking to manipulate the registration system ahead of its official launch.

Dr. Tanga Odoi, Chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission, echoed Namyalo’s affirmation of Museveni’s candidacy for the 2026 election, putting an end to any doubts or speculation. He emphasized that with this confirmation, the public can anticipate a historic campaign and election in 2026, underscoring Museveni’s dedication to serving the nation.

The training session was attended by prominent NRM figures, including Alhaji Moses Kigongo, the first National Vice Chairman of NRM, who represented President Museveni as the chief guest.

Kigongo reassured the nation of Museveni’s presence on the ballot in 2026 and urged all NRM members to unite behind the President for his re-election.

He commended the collaboration between the office of the National Chairman and the NRM Secretariat, expressing satisfaction with their efforts in ensuring the party’s success. Kigongo stressed the importance of participants’ roles in mobilizing the public to register in the NRM register, emphasizing unity among party members as essential for maintaining strength and success.

The participation of high-ranking officials underscored the significance of the training and the NRM’s commitment to conducting transparent and impartial elections. It provided a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing best practices, contributing to the overall success of the party’s electoral process.

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