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Uganda’s Music Industry Faces Challenge as Artificial Intelligence Remixes Raise Copyright Concerns; Azawi Calls for Legal Protection

While AI-generated remixes may sound good when combined with human vocals, they lack the naturalness and originality of songs created organically



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By Ivan Kaahwa

In a recent development, Ugandan artist Azawi expressed both appreciation and discontent after a producer named Eyo Shata remixed her song using artificial intelligence (AI) to include the late Moses Radio’s voice.

Azawi’s song titled “Masavu,” which she claims ownership of and was produced by Producer Bang, was remixed by Eyo Shata to incorporate the voice of the late Moses Radio. This remix garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with many praising the inclusion of Radio’s voice, even though it was AI-generated.

While Azawi acknowledged that Eyo Shata helped realize her dream with the remix, she voiced disappointment over not being credited for her songwriting. Instead, Radio, who is deceased, was credited. Azawi raised concerns about the potential impact of AI on the music industry, particularly regarding copyright infringement if producers fail to consult with the original song owners before remixing.

Azawi cautioned that Eyo Shata could face legal action for his remixing practices if found to be profiting from her work without permission. She emphasized the importance of obtaining licenses for AI operations in music production to ensure fair compensation for creators.

Expressing appreciation for the attention her song received due to the remix, Azawi highlighted the risk AI poses to the authenticity and emotional depth of music. She argued that while AI-generated remixes may sound good when combined with human vocals, they lack the naturalness and originality of songs created organically.

Azawi urged for the enforcement of copyright laws to protect music creators and ensure they benefit from their work. Meanwhile, Eyo Shata has produced AI versions of other songs, including “Soldier” by Alien Skin Kimenke and Mozey Radio, and “Kulosa” remix by Alien Skin ft. Oxlade. He also incorporated AI-generated vocals of an known and Alien skin into “Believe” by Vinka and Dax Vibez.
However, in some remixes, it can be difficult to discern the original artist’s voice without prior knowledge, indicating that certain vocal nuances are challenging to replicate using AI while preserving the clarity and authenticity of the original.

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