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Husband Murdered By Man Caught Cheating With His Wife, Five Arrested in Jinja

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In a shocking incident that rocked Mawoito A village in Kakira Town Council, Jinja district, Denis Avaga, a 27-year-old Askari guarding Madhvani sugarcane plantations, was fatally stabbed on February 20, 2024. Avaga met his tragic end after discovering his wife, Agnes Agidru, 32, in a compromising situation with another man, identified as Raphael Onzima, 26, a sugarcane cutter working with Kakira Sugar Limited.

According to Kiira region police spokesperson, James Mubi, Avaga returned home from work around 10:00 PM only to hear his wife’s screams emanating from their bedroom. Suspecting foul play, Avaga kicked down the door to find his wife engaged in an illicit affair with Onzima. A confrontation ensued between Avaga and Onzima, escalating into a violent altercation.

“Onzima allegedly picked up a knife and stabbed Denis Avaga in the chest, stomach, and arm,” stated SP Mubi. Despite being rushed to Madhvani Hospital, Avaga succumbed to his injuries due to severe bleeding.

In a bid to escape the wrath of the enraged community, Onzima fled the crime scene naked and sought refuge at Kakira Central Police Station. Agidru also fled, naked, to a sugarcane plantation in Wanyange, where she was later apprehended by the police.

In addition to Onzima and Agidru, three other individuals were arrested in connection with the crime. Geoffrey Echoku, a neighbor, allegedly goaded the altercation between Avaga and Onzima. Peter Ocheng, the landlord, was implicated as the owner of the knife used in the murder. His wife, Pamela Ocheng, was also arrested for allegedly cleaning the crime scene to conceal evidence.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Onzima and Agidru had been publicly displaying affection, frequenting bars in Kakira Town Council as though they were a couple.

The tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting authorities to intensify efforts to address underlying social issues and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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