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UPDF Success Against ADF Spurs Heightened Vigilance Along Uganda-DRC Border

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Amid the Uganda People’s Defence Forces’ (UPDF) sustained efforts against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), security agencies remain on high alert along Uganda’s Western border, particularly in the Rwenzori area. Joint counter-terrorism task teams, in coordination with territorial Joint Security Teams, are closely monitoring the region for potential threats, emphasizing the importance of public vigilance and prompt reporting of any suspicious activities.

The intensified surveillance follows successful UPDF pursuits against ADF insurgents in the DRC, prompting proactive measures to safeguard Uganda’s territorial integrity. While specific intelligence regarding new attacks along the Rwenzori axis is currently lacking, monitoring of ADF activities in the Bukuka Hills area across the border and incidents of insecurity in Lhubirira Kasindi, Goma DRC, on December 12, 2024, remains a priority.

Public cooperation is pivotal in ensuring effective security measures, with security forces maintaining a heightened posture through patrols and increased visibility to deter potential threats. Recent apprehensions, including that of Bahati Abdul Razak, a 28-year-old ADF rebel from Todoli in the DRC, underscore the ongoing efforts to dismantle ADF networks operating within Uganda’s borders. Razak, part of a group that infiltrated Uganda in November 2023 and carried out attacks in Kamwenge, was arrested by territorial police in Rwenzori East and Mpondwe on February 12, 2024.

In a separate development, the Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce (JATT) rescued an 11-year-old ADF recruit, Kibumbo Munimbu, in Kibirizi village, Lake Katwe sub-county, after his escape from ADF captivity in the DRC. Munimbu, accompanied by his grandfather Muzungu Sulaid and three other children from Erapa Nabirimba village, Buyende district, underscores the insidious nature of ADF recruitment tactics. Efforts are underway to reunite Munimbu with his family, while authorities intensify the search for his grandfather, who is suspected of collaboration with the ADF.

Police Spokesperson SCP Enanga Fred reiterated the imperative for parental vigilance in safeguarding children against exploitation by hostile collaborators, urging all parents to prioritize their children’s safety and refrain from exposing them to the dangers of terrorist recruitment.

As security forces remain resolute in their commitment to thwarting terrorist activities, collaborative efforts between security agencies and the public remain essential in safeguarding Uganda’s borders and communities against the threat of extremism and violence.

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