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Shocking Escape Attempt Unfolds: Inmates Defy Handcuffs, Dodging Bullets in Bold Bid for Freedom!

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In a dramatic turn of events at the Jinja court precincts today, gunshots shattered the air as two inmates attempted to flee custody, leaving one injured and captured.

The attempted escape unfolded as Ashraf Ssenoga, 25, known as “Vampire,” and Abel Muwanika, 27, alias “Abusale,” were being escorted back to their holding cell by warders from Kirinya prisons. The duo was making their fourth appearance before Grade One Magistrate, Ms. Anxious Atumanya, on charges of aggravated robbery, as confirmed by a relative.

According to eyewitnesses, the inmates had earlier petitioned Magistrate Atumanya for bail, a request which was denied given the capital nature of their case, which is triable only by the High Court.

However, as they were being returned to the holding cell, the handcuffed suspects seized an opportunity and bolted towards the court’s gate, prompting a swift response from the prison warders. High Court Judge, Justice Faridah Bukirwa, had to adjourn an ongoing murder trial as warders mobilized to pursue the escapees.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that despite being handcuffed together, the suspects managed to make a dash for the gate, evading initial attempts to stop them. Mr. Jacob Ngobi, one of the witnesses, described the dramatic scene, stating that the suspects were only captured after crossing the court gate. “The (suspects) managed to run while cuffed to their wrists and passed through the main gate, but were shot before reaching Lake Victoria. One suspect sustained a severe gunshot wound to the mouth, while his colleague was recaptured without any injury,” Ngobi recounted.

Fatima Bayiga, Ssenoga’s wife, expressed concern over her husband’s predicament, stating that he had been the family’s breadwinner before his arrest. “I am very worried because they are going to prefer new charges against him. I have two children and he was the family’s breadwinner. I now don’t know when he will be released after trying to escape,’’ she said.

Prisons spokesperson, Mr. Frank Baine, confirmed that the duo would face charges of attempted escape, emphasizing that the security system is always on alert to prevent such incidents. “A prison is not a place in which one is willing to stay; our security system is always on alert to keep them. But every time, they want to escape,’’ he stated.

Mr. Baine further elaborated on the incident, revealing that despite an officer firing three shots in an attempt to halt their escape, the suspects continued to flee. “In the process of fleeing, this officer engaged to disable them, and in the process, Muwanika was shot and sustained injuries in the mouth, jaw, and lips, and was evacuated to Jinja Regional Referral Hospital for treatment,” he said.

As the investigation into the attempted escape continues, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by prison authorities in maintaining security and preventing escapes.

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