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Serial Mobile Money Hacker Nabbed After Swindling Millions; Police Unravels Elaborate Scheme Amid Intensified Crackdown

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In a major breakthrough for law enforcement, the Directorate of Crime Intelligence (DCI) and Mukono Central Police Station have successfully apprehended Sabiiti Kaporonyo, a 48-year-old hacker accused of orchestrating a sophisticated mobile money theft spree.

Kaporonyo’s arrest comes in the wake of numerous complaints lodged by mobile money agents and civilians who fell victim to unauthorized withdrawals from their SIM cards over an extended period. The accused’s audacious exploits reportedly spanned multiple locations, including Mukono, Jinja, Misindye, Kiira division, Kinoni, and Nagalama, with each transaction culminating in the bustling vicinity of Namugongo.

Authorities were astounded by the scale of the operation, estimating that Kaporonyo illicitly siphoned over 50 million Shillings from unsuspecting victims. His clandestine activities were further aided by a shrewd attempt to evade detection, as he purportedly outfitted his vehicle with counterfeit registration plates in a bid to obscure his movements.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, underscored the commitment of law enforcement agencies to root out such nefarious elements, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to safeguard businesses and the public from such criminal enterprises.

Meanwhile, in a separate and chilling development, authorities in the Kira Road Police Division have launched a manhunt for an individual suspected of perpetrating a heinous crime at Silent Kireka Guest House. The ghastly discovery of a deceased woman, her body found lying face down on the bed with blood seeping from her nose, has sent shockwaves through the community.

The suspect, who allegedly registered under the pseudonym “Mike Bilinengo” and made a hasty exit before the grim discovery, remains at large as detectives intensify their efforts to bring him to justice. With the investigation underway and the victim’s body entrusted to Mulago Morgue, the quest for answers and closure continues amidst a palpable sense of unease in Kira Municipality.

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