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Shocking Negligence: Eight Health Workers Thrown Behind Bars For Abandoning Duty At Kichinjaji Health Centre 3

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In a shocking turn of events, eight health workers from Kichinjaji HC3 found themselves behind bars after being apprehended for negligence in their duties, sparking outrage among residents and authorities alike.

The arrests unfolded following a coordinated effort led by Soroti’s Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Peter Pex Paak, and local leaders. Concerns had been raised by community members regarding alleged dereliction of duty at the facility.

Reports surfaced over the weekend suggesting the facility had been left unattended, with all staff, including the security personnel, absent for personal engagements. This abandonment led to a dire situation where expectant mothers in urgent need of care were turned away, finding the gates locked with only a padlock.

Upon inspection on Monday morning, officials were stunned to find a deserted facility. The officer in-charge was belatedly spotted arriving at 9:38 am, while the remainder of the staff trickled in past 10:00 am, further exacerbating the situation.

Expressing grave concern, Peter Pex Paak underscored the necessity of a comprehensive overhaul of management at Kichinjaji HC3 to ensure seamless operations and enhanced service delivery.

Residents, including Joyce Akello from Usuk Cell in Kichinjaji Ward, echoed the sentiments, lamenting the deteriorating quality of healthcare services at the facility. Many voiced their preference for alternative healthcare options such as Princess Diana Hospital or even the referral hospital due to the perceived substandard care at Kichinjaji HC3.

The fate of the detained health workers hangs in the balance as they await a public hearing at the city council hall. This incident sheds light on the underlying challenges faced by Kichinjaji HC3, including inadequate staff housing, which may have contributed to the staffing issues and subsequent neglect.

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