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32-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Faking Kidnapping, Providing False Information

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police arrest 2 over fake kidnapping claims

A 32-year-old businesswoman, Karungi Zainabu, hailing from Railway Cell in Kasese Municipality, finds herself in police custody after orchestrating her own kidnapping in a bid to extort money from her family and providing false information to law enforcement authorities.

The Joint Task Team comprised of the police, UPDF, CMI, UWA, and ISO collaborated to apprehend the suspect, who attempted to deceive her relatives and law enforcement agencies. Karungi purportedly staged her own abduction on February 8th, 2024, and proceeded to contact her mother, alleging that she and another individual had fallen victim to armed assailants near Kikorongo within the Queen Elizabeth National Park. However, investigations later revealed that these claims were entirely fabricated.

It is reported that Karungi falsely asserted that the alleged captors demanded a ransom for her release, thereby exploiting her family’s concern and falsely implicating the National Park in her deceitful scheme.

Utilizing sophisticated surveillance techniques, the joint task force successfully tracked down Karungi to her hiding place situated in a room along Margherita Street within Kasese Municipality. Subsequently, she was promptly apprehended by law enforcement officers.

SCP Enanga Fred, the Police Spokesperson, reiterated the severity of Karungi’s actions, condemning her misuse of the National Park’s reputation and the distress caused to her family. He affirmed that Karungi would face legal consequences for her offenses, as she is set to appear in court today to answer charges of providing false information to the police and orchestrating her own kidnapping.

The case serves as a reminder of the serious repercussions associated with fabricating criminal incidents and providing misleading information to law enforcement agencies. The swift and collaborative efforts of the Joint Task Team underscore the commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability within the community.

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