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ONC Engages Nile Abattoir Association Leaders To Enhance Meat Business Value Addition, Working Conditions

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20240212 202606

By Gad Masereka

In a bid to bolster the meat business sector and improve working conditions, the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) under the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has held a strategic meeting with leaders of the Nile Abattoir Association. The meeting, spearheaded by Mr. Hakim Kyeswa, the in-charge of media at ONC-NRM, along with Communications Officer Mr. Kintu Moses and Mobilization Officer Mr. Kalema George, served as a platform to discuss various avenues for enhancing the industry.

Representing the head of ONC, SPA Hajjat Namyalo Hadijah, popularly known as Chief Muzzukulu, the ONC team engaged in constructive dialogue with the leaders of the Nile Abattoir Association, a group of traders deeply entrenched in the meat business.

During the meeting, a wide array of issues were deliberated upon. Foremost among them was the exploration of potential strategies to augment their businesses through value addition to meat, skin, and hides. The participants brainstormed innovative methods to add value to their products, thus increasing market competitiveness and profitability. Emphasizing the importance of modernizing processes and embracing technological advancements, the discussion aimed to equip the members of the association with the tools necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Furthermore, the meeting delved into the imperative of enhancing working conditions within the sector. Recognizing the pivotal role that conducive working environments play in fostering productivity and employee well-being, the stakeholders exchanged ideas on how to create safer, more hygienic, and efficient workplaces. From implementing stringent hygiene protocols to upgrading infrastructure and investing in employee training, the participants explored multifaceted approaches to elevate industry standards.

In his remarks, Mr. Hakim Kyeswa underscored the commitment of ONC and the NRM government to support and empower stakeholders within the meat business sector. He reiterated the importance of collaborative efforts in driving sustainable growth and urged continued dialogue and cooperation between ONC-NRM and the Nile Abattoir Association.

The meeting concluded with a consensus to form working groups tasked with implementing the proposed initiatives. As the participants parted ways, there was a palpable sense of optimism regarding the potential transformative impact of the collaborative efforts on the meat business landscape and the livelihoods of those involved.

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